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Notice Boards for Home Office

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Notice Boards for Home Office

According to the UK Office for National Statistics (ONS), in 2019, just 5% of the UK workforce surveyed said they worked regularly (though not exclusively), from home. By 2020, with the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic, that number jumped to 46.6%. With lockdowns and social distancing measures making travelling to and working in offices nearly impossible for much of the year, businesses had to adapt, and many employees were switched onto a full or part-time remote working schedule.

For many of us, this has meant setting up ad-hoc office spaces in our homes. At first a temporary solution, with many businesses now switching to home working full time, or exploring hybrid working solutions, people are thinking about carving out more permanent office spaces within their home environments. But what do you really need in a home office, besides a desk and a chair? If your first thought isn’t ‘a noticeboard’ - you’re missing a trick; and here’s why:

What is a notice board?

Notice boards are made with an internal board core, covered in a layer of pinnable foam or cork and often finished with fabric. They are a simple and easy way to display calendars, photographs, mementos and reminders in your home office. Typically, they are designed for use with pins, staples or velcro (though magnetic options are available).

How can the use of a notice board increase work productivity at home?

A notice board can help you increase your productivity when working from home in three ways: organisation, motivation and inspiration. A home notice board helps you to structure and balance your work/home life by giving you practical wall display space, freeing your desk from additional clutter.

But why are organisation, motivation and inspiration so important when working from home?

  1. Organisation - this is the most obvious one: you can use your notice board to display calendars, timetables, meeting schedules, deadline details, to-do lists and reminders. All of these are essential for helping to keep you on track, particularly in a remote working situation. Colour-coded reminders that showcase different urgency levels are a great way to give yourself clear visual clues about what should be next on your priority list. Plus, having a clear schedule, calendar or timetable displayed helps you stay on track with meetings and deadlines.

  2. Motivation - it can be difficult, particularly when working from home, to stay productive and motivated. With all the potential distractions around your home, creating a calm space where you can work in relative peace is important. As is staying motivated to the task at hand. You can use your notice board to log a step-by-step process through the project you’re working on, so you can tick things off as you go. This gives you a visual reminder that you are making clear progress, which is a real boost of positivity, particularly on tricky or stressful projects. In addition, you can use your notice board to display motivational quotes and sayings, either by those you admire or reminders to yourself of why you do what you do and why it’s important to you to stay focused.

  3. Inspiration - while staying organised and focused is, of course, essential to working productively at home, burnout is still a very real possibility when you’re working remotely. Many people find that they in fact work longer hours when at home, either as they work through their typical commuting time, or they feel it’s important to ‘prove they can be trusted’ with a remote working situation. Either way, keeping a positive mental attitude can help keep you grounded and productive. Why not segment off a section of your notice board to display things you’re working towards, for example, a holiday or a new car? 

What is the best notice board for a home office?

We sell a wide variety of indoor notice boards, all of which are suitable for use in a home environment. The style you choose is up to you, each has its own merits and advantages:

  • Frameless Notice Boards - these notice boards have smooth fabric edges for a seamless look on your wall. They are available in a range of different colours so you can match or contrast with your home decor. You can use pins to fix your chosen displays, from art pieces to work-related items. Product Example: Decorative Frameless Noticeboards

  • Metal-Framed Notice Boards - the basis of these noticeboards are the same as the frameless designs, but they are finished with smooth anodised aluminium frames with rounded corners and concealed fixings for safety. The notice board protrudes 9.5mm from the wall for a low profile finish. Product Example: Decorative Noticeboards With Aluminium Frame

  • Wood-Framed NoticeBoards - similarly to our metal-framed designs, our wood-framed noticeboards are covered in felt, but are finished with a wood-effect frame with mitred corners. You can choose between light oak or light beech finishes, depending on your preference, or you can stain the untreated wood to match your existing furniture. Product Example: Decorative Fabric Noticeboards With Wood Frame

  • Whiteboard Noticeboards - for a truly functional home office, sometimes a combination of notice board options can be helpful. Whiteboard surfaces allow you to write your own notices and messages, and many can be used with magnets to attach documents or displays. You can even choose combination boards, half dry-wipe and half pinboard, for maximum practicality. Product Example: Wall Mounted Pin Up Writing Notice Boards

  • Letter Display Boards - as an alternative to traditional notice boards, letter display boards are a versatile and stylish option. You can use them to show messages by fixing letters, or use the internal rubber-seal to wedge displays, posters, timetables and other materials as you require them. Product Example: Aluminium Changeable Letter Display Boards

Decorative Wood Framed Locking Noticeboard

Decorative Wood Framed Locking Noticeboard

Wall Mounted Pin Up Writing Notice Boards

Wall Mounted Pin Up Writing Notice Boards

How much does a notice board cost? 

The price you will pay for a noticeboard depends very much on the kind of noticeboard you want. We stock a wide range of different styles and shapes of indoor notice board, all ideal for use in a home office. Prices start from £28, and go up to £397 for home office options. If you required tamper-proof lockable frames or outdoor notice boards (more commonly found in public locations), prices range from £40 to £513.

How do you attach a notice board to the wall?

Our wall-mounted notice boards are supplied with rear-facing attachments so they can be fixed to the wall. You can fix them directly using screws, or string picture wire between the hooks for a secure wall attachment. We do not supply screws or wall plugs, but our team is happy to advise you on the best way to mount your wall notice board if you have any questions.

Noticeboards are an extremely helpful tool for modern offices, so it stands to reason they are an excellent investment for a home office or study, too. Are you working in a hybrid manner and want to use notice boards to improve productivity and communication in your office, too? Read our blog on Office Notice Boards Ideas to Improve Communication.

Browse our full range of notice boards. For more information, please reach out to our team via our Contact Us page or call 01234 676767.



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