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Glass Office Pods

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Glazed Office Pods

In all kinds of work environments, having private offices or meeting rooms is desirable, but not always feasible if the space is rented or designed to be open-plan. Rather than building an expensive and permanent solution that can be disruptive over a longer period of time, we recommend choosing a flexible and professional-looking glazed office meeting pod that will perform the same role with minimal setup – offering a lower-cost alternative to a permanent construction.

For open-plan offices or large retail showrooms, meeting areas and/or private offices can be difficult and expensive to set up. Our range of glass office pods are designed to offer you a professional-looking private space that can be installed by our expert team in around 4 hours – and deconstructed should you wish to move locations.

Our glass meeting pods are typically sold as kits including a number of 4mm-thick glazed thermally toughened safety glass panels alongside several 40mm-thick acoustic panels covered in foam-backed luxury loop nylon fabric. These acoustic panels reduce noise pollution and echoes within your glazed office pod. All our glass meeting rooms are supplied with a strong aluminium frame, a sliding glass door and a ceiling with light fixtures already installed. However, our meeting pods are fully customisable – so you can have more glass panels, more acoustic panels, or even add in whiteboard panels as your business requires.

You can choose to add in optional extras for your meeting room to create a truly luxurious space where your employees will feel comfortable and inspired. We sell a power and data post for our office pods which will connect your glazed room to the mains power supply in your office. The post fits between two panels and allows you to connect your computer or TV to a plug socket and your local network.

We also sell an air circulation unit designed specifically for our glass office pods to keep the air within the quiet space office pod fresh and clean. While it’s not essential, we do recommend including this option wherever possible to ensure your glass office pod has fresh, clean air circulating. This helps to maintain a pleasant working environment but also reduces the transmission of virus particles in the air between employees, for a safe and hygienic space.

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Benefits of Glass Office Pods:

  • Divide Up Open Plan Spaces
  • Create Individual Meeting Spaces
  • Reduce Office Noise Pollution
  • Increase Productivity & Concentration
  • Acoustic Inner Panels
  • High Quality Social Distancing Measure
  • Bespoke Solutions Available

Glass Office Pods Are Ideal For:

  • Open Plan Offices
  • Meeting & Consultation Rooms
  • Retail Showrooms
  • Universities, Libraries & Museums
  • Social Distancing Measures
  • Private Telephone Rooms
  • Breakout Rooms

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our glazed office meeting pods are made from a combination of 4mm-thick toughened safety glass panels and 40mm-thick foam-backed acoustic panels. The kits include a structured aluminium frame, a sliding glass door and an internal ceiling with lights included.

Our glazed office meeting pods must be installed by our team of contractors to ensure the correct installation and to uphold the guarantee. Our expert team will have your office pod installed in around 4 hours.

Absolutely, yes. Our acoustic office pods are completely customisable. You can create a bespoke booth with alternating wall panels; including a mixture of clear glass, drywipe boards and acoustic fabric panels. You can even go half and half on your panels. Simply speak to our team to begin your bespoke design process today.

Sound-absorbing walls and acoustic partitions do work; their effectiveness depends on the size of the office, the number of people talking or on the phone at one time versus the amount, height and thickness of the acoustic screens as well as the number of panels used.

How and where you use your acoustic dividers is crucial; sound-absorbing screens and panelling should be placed where sound waves will bounce back. The panels and screening will absorb a percentage of the sound waves and sound reverberation will be reduced.

You can also choose to add on a power and data post which will connect your office pod to the mains power supply in your office. The post fits between two panels and allows you to connect your computer or TV to a plug socket and your local network.

We also recommend installing an air circulation unit to your office pod to keep the air within the quiet space office pod fresh and clean, but it’s not essential.

Our glazed office pods are manufactured to order and usually delivered for installation within 4-6 weeks upon receipt of the order.

Bespoke configurations may take longer. If you require your order sooner, please speak to our team and we’ll do our best to help.

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