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Free Standing Desk Partitions

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Free Standing Desk Screens

In response to new social distancing measures set out by the UK Government and the WHO due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have developed a range of freestanding desk partitions to help create safer working environments to maximise employee and customer protection. Made from materials such as Perspex® and thermally toughened safety glass, these screens are available in a frameless or aluminium-framed finish and are easy to wipe clean and sanitise regularly to maintain a safe working environment.

Freestanding desk divider screens can be used in offices, retail environments, hospitality venues, receptions, medical facilities, care homes and any other location where social distancing measures are required.

Our range of freestanding desk screens includes a variety of different partitions for different functions. Following the rise of Coronavirus, freestanding counter screens for retail and hospitality have become legal requirements across the UK. Choosing a freestanding version rather than one which requires clamps or screws means venues can set up, adjust and move these countertop screens as they need to in order to adapt to the ever-changing situation, without damaging their desks, counters or tables.

This collection of freestanding desk partitions includes solid frameless divider screens, panels framed in aluminium, and designs with cut-out transaction hatches included. These are essential for retail spaces, hospitality venues, and beauty salons. The range includes freestanding panels that sit flush to the surface, or those with feet, bases or stands, as per your preference.

Manufacturing our range of freestanding desk partitions from Perspex® acrylic and tempered glass preserves a light and bright work space while offering maximum protection for both employees and customers from infectious illness particles (from diseases such as Coronavirus and seasonal flu). These materials can be easily cleaned to prevent the build up of fomites (infectious particles) by simply wiping them down regularly with an antibacterial or diluted bleach solution.

Our range includes many standard sizes to suit most desk configurations, however, our manufacturing capabilities allow us to create any bespoke screen depending on what your needs might be. Different shapes, heights, widths can be manufactured. Just give us a brief on what your layout is and what you are trying to achieve, and we can design a personalised solution for you.

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Benefits of Free Standing Desk Partitions:

  • Divide Up Large Desk Banks
  • Organise & Structure Workstations
  • Form A Protective Barriers Between Staff
  • Increase Productivity & Concentration
  • Encourage Social Distancing
  • Moveable Partitions For Flexbility
  • Modular Desk Partition Systems

Free Standing Desk Partitions Are Ideal For:

  • Open Plan Offices & Work Studios
  • Retail & Hospitality Counters
  • Universities, Libraries & Schools
  • Meeting And Training Rooms
  • Busy Operational Call Centres
  • Retail Spaces & Shops
  • Pubs, Bars & Restuarants

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our freestanding desk screens made from Perspex® acrylic are ideal for implementing social distancing measures in your workplace.

Social distancing screens are designed to help prevent the transmission of infectious droplets by forming a barrier between employees, or between staff and customers. This helps to slow or stop the spread of viruses such as COVID-19, Flu, Norovirus or even the common cold, making workplaces healthier and more productive.

Perspex® is an ideal material to use for these screens as it is easy to keep clean and sanitised – simply wipe your divider down regularly with a diluted bleach solution or an antibacterial wipe.

Freestanding desk screens are not fixed to the table surface with clamps or screws, making them easy to set up and move around as required. These flexible partitions mean you can change your social distancing set up as the needs of your business change. 

Yes, our desk screens are manufactured in the UK. We have strict quality control measures in place to ensure your items are produced to a high standard.

Yes, all of our freestanding desk screens require minimal assembly and can be put together quickly by one person.

At present, our freestanding desk screens are only available in Perspex® acrylic or glass. However, our product ranges are always growing and developing based on customer feedback and new innovations. If our current collections do not suit your exact requirements, please get in touch with our team and we will work with you to find the best solution.

Yes, if you require a bespoke size or shape screen, our manufacturing capabilities allow us to personalise a screen in your preferred dimensions. Speak to our team on01234 676767to start the process.

All prices listed on Office Screens UK website do not include VAT or carriage, which is added at the end of your transaction prior to checkout. As all our products are continuously being updated and improved, we reserve the right to amend product specifications and prices without prior notice.

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