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Office Noticeboards

We sell a wide variety of notice boards suitable for working environments both indoors and outdoors.

Our collection of indoor notice boards features a number of ranges:

  • Aluminium framed notice boards
  • Wood frame notice boards
  • Mobile noticeboards
  • Tamperproof notice boards with lockable doors 
  • Fire-retardant Flameshield notice boards

Suitable for use in schools, colleges, universities, libraries, offices, receptions, training centres, leisure centres, museums, hospitals, retail spaces and showrooms; our collection of notice boards will include something to suit your requirements.

If the standard sizes we offer do not suit your needs, we can provide custom sizes and bespoke orders. Please call our sales team on 01234 676767 for more information or a quote.

All of our indoor notice boards are suitable for use with pins and staples, as well as Velcro-style fixings. This makes them suitable for a variety of different locations and ensures it’s very easy for displays to be put up and taken down quickly.

As well as individual notice boards with PVC, aluminium or wood-effect frames, we also sell frameless notice boards which can be assembled as seamless wall panels to support large-scale displays – perfect for school classrooms or art exhibitions.

Our range of wall-mounted Noticeboards are supplied with screw fixings and mounting instructions.

We also stock a wide range of External Noticeboards which are weatherproof and designed specifically to be used outside. This collection includes our range of lockable tamperproof notice board cabinets. 

All of our notice boards have the option of a correx interior. This fluted plastic sheeting is extremely lightweight and can be used with Blu-Tak or tape to fix your display materials as an alternative to pinnable or magnetic backing.

Both the external noticeboard and secure lockable notice boards can be purchased with a coloured frame. With 17 colours to choose from, we’re sure you will find a frame to suit your needs.

If you need an illuminated notice board, choose the outdoor LED light box. With low power consumption - which will save on running costs and maintenance - this product has an LED lighting system and is fully suitable for outdoor use.

For more information on our Notice Boards or to chat with one of our team about which is the best solution for you please Contact Us or call us on 01234 676767

Benefits of Noticeboards:

  • Easy to Install (Fixings Included)
  • Wide Range of Sizes & Styles
  • Tamperproof & Pinboard Options
  • Easy to Change Materials & Notices
  • Freestanding Mobile Noticeboards
  • Class 0 Fire Rated Notice Boards Pin Boards
  • Manufactured in The UK

Noticeboards Are Ideal For:

  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Reception Areas & Waiting Rooms
  • Training Centres & Meeting Rooms
  • Leisure Centres & Museums
  • Reception Areas
  • Retail Shops & Showrooms
  • Office Displays

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Frequently Asked Questions

Traditionally, notice boards have been wall-mounted displays that are fixed and permanent, and used for notices, bulletins and information points in corridors, staff rooms etc. Notice boards typically have either a wooden or aluminium frame or are frameless, and have a fabric covering over a pinnable core panel. They can also be magnetic or have a whiteboard surface.

This is how we define our products, however, other businesses may class them differently, so as such it is not a definitive definition because a product can often be classed as both. A pinnable display board on wheels can, after all, be either a notice board or a display board!

We offer a wide range of products to meet your display and presentation requirements and can help you get the right display. Please get in touch if you require any help in making a selection.

While our indoor notice boards are only suitable for use inside, we have a collection of outdoor notice boards that are weatherproof and suitable for use outside. With a waterproof seal, these noticeboards will protect posters, messages and information inside from the elements outside.

For any of our notice boards, you can choose a correx interior. This fluted plastic sheeting is extremely lightweight and can be used with Blu-Tak or tape to fix your display materials, making it ideal for use outdoors.

For secure outdoor notice boards, we sell tamperproof notice boards with reinforced aluminium construction, a substantial frame profile, reinforced hinges and a very secure locking mechanism. The Anti-vandal PETG glazing is virtually shatterproof, keeping your notices and displays secure from the elements and external damage.

Fire-retardant notice boards are highly recommended for use in corridors, escape routes and large unsupervised areas in public buildings and institutions – or any location where there are 25 people or more present at one time (offices, schools, colleges etc).

Browse our range of Fire-Retardant Notice Boards to find the right one for you.

In terms of fire-retardant product safety standards, British B2476 Class 0 (or European BSEN13501 Class B) is required in schools for escape routes and circulation areas. 

In corridors or classrooms (or offices, or training rooms) of 30 people or more, Class B or Class 0 should always be used, unless you are using lockable notice boards.

Normal decorative noticeboards should not be used in classrooms & store rooms as they are not fire-retardant.

All of our notice boards (those that do not have flame-proof lockable covers) are Class 0 – making them approved and safe to use in schools, offices, training centres, colleges and other busy, heavy traffic areas.

Our Fire-Retardant products are the highest performing and safest on the market.

Our pinboards and noticeboards are compatible with pins and staples. Each display board is covered with felt material and we can not guarantee velcro will securely hold your notices. We recommend pins or staples for a secure hold. 

The display panels inside our notice boards are manufactured from recyclable materials but we don’t market them as ‘green’ or eco-friendly. Recyclable polyester fabric is upholstered to the board using a water-based adhesive.

Frame borders and edging are PVC, wood or aluminium. For recycling, separate the materials to allow correct sorting, recycling and disposal.

All of our indoor and outdoor fabric panel notice boards can be used with pins and staples, as well as with Velcro tabs. Magnetic whiteboard versions are also available.

Absolutely, yes. If you can’t find the right size or specification of notice board to meet your needs (or unusual spaces!) give our expert team a call on 01234 676767 and we will help you to design the perfect notice board to suit your requirements. 

Our noticeboards and pinboards come with either a 1 or 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
If you are not entirely happy with your product, please contact us and we will work with you to resolve the issue. 

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