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Office Screen Buyers Guide

What are Office Screens?

Office screens typically refer to portable office partitions or room dividers used in office spaces to create separate workstations, cubicles, or private working areas. Office screens are traditionally manufactured using fabric, acrylic, Perspex, glass, metal and wood. They provide privacy, help reduce noise, and help define different zones and areas within an open office layout. Office screens are modular and are available in a range of sizes and shape allowing you to configure to suit different office environments and needs. Some office screens may also have additional features such as built-in acoustic panels for sound absorption allowing you to reduce noise distractions from a typical bustling office environment.

What are the benefits of Acoustic Screens?

Noise Reduction

Acoustic screens are designed to absorb sound waves, reducing noise levels and minimising distractions in the workspace. This helps create a quieter and more focused environment conducive to productivity and concentration.

Improved Privacy

By creating physical barriers between workstations or meeting areas, acoustic screens enhance privacy and confidentiality. Employees can have conversations without being overheard, increasing comfort and reducing the risk of distractions.

Enhance Concentration

By reducing ambient noise and minimising distractions, acoustic screens promote better focus and concentration among employees, beneficial in busy office environments where multiple activities are happening simultaneously.

Where Can Office Partitions Be Used?

Open Plan Office

Breakout Rooms


Training Facilities



Call Centre

Reception Areas

Desk Screens

Desk screens serve as partitions to delineate individual workstations within shared office spaces or classrooms. Beyond offering privacy, they contribute a neat and organised aesthetic to any environment. Easily connected to desks via metal clamps, these screens offer employees and the confidentiality needed for focused tasks while mitigating distractions to bolster productivity.

Acoustic Screens

Acoustic office screens are free standing or desk mounted partitions or dividers designed to absorb and reduce noise in office environments. They are typically constructed using materials that have sound-absorbing properties, such as foam and fabric. These screens are strategically placed within an office space to create separate workstations, cubicles, or meeting areas while also minimising sound.

Office Partitions

Office partitions are freestanding privacy panels used to divide and define spaces within an office. They provide privacy, reduce noise, and create separate work areas. Available in various designs, partitions can be permanent or movable panels, offering flexibility in office layout. They contribute to a productive and organised workspace by creating functional zones and minimising distractions.

Office Pods

Office pods are semi-enclosed workspaces designed for individual or small group use within open-plan offices. These self-contained meeting pods offer privacy, reduced noise, and focus-friendly environments. Office pods feature amenities like desks, seating, lighting, and power outlets, promoting productivity and collaboration while providing a retreat from the office environment.

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Choosing The Right Office Screen Size

As we manufacture our office screens in the UK, ultimately, we can make partitions to any size or specification. But in the world of office screens, there are ‘standard’ sizes that you will find most commonly in office spaces.

Free Standing Office Screens

Our floor standing office partitions range from 1200mm high up to 1800mm high. These tall office partitions can be used as room dividers and room separators, effectively partitioning off work zones with a visual barrier. Whilst they are free standing, they can be used in conjunction with office desks and office furniture. Widths available include 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm and 1800mm.

Desk Dividers

Desk dividers are designed to attach the edge of an office desk and require no floor space. Our standard desk screen widths correlate to standard desk sizes. Ranging from 800mm wide to 1800mm wide. Our two most popular heights are 380mm and 480mm.

380mm high screens provide a physical barrier between workstations but still allow visibility and communication between employees. Our 480mm high desk screens provide additional height and privacy, great for call centres where noise and distractions are prominent.

Bespoke Office Screens

If your office screen requirement does not fit within out standard sizes, give our team a call on 01234 676767. All we need is your size and specification and we can provide a bespoke quotation for you.

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