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Office Partitions

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Office Partition Screens

Office partition screens can be used for any number of different reasons; if you can think of it, we’ve almost certainly already designed the perfect partition for it. And if you can’t find exactly what you need, our expert team will work with you to personalise the perfect option

Partition screens are not only used in offices, they are suitable for schools, universities, colleges, reception areas, call centres, libraries, hospitals and many other places.

When it comes to offices, most modern office spaces are open plan; the lack of internal walls means that these work environments can become very noisy, distracting places. Choosing the right office screens for your workplace can create bespoke meeting spaces, aid concentration and even protect sickness from spreading amongst co-workers. From dividing up an open-plan space into smaller work areas or ensuring privacy and a quiet work environment by partitioning up banks of desks, office partitions are a great way to personalise your working space.

We sell a range of freestanding floor screens (with or without lockable castor wheels) that can be easily moved into place to create break rooms, meeting spaces or team areas within an open plan office. Choose between our range of fabric partitions or our hygienic clear glass & acrylic dividers, which also allow light to travel through the office.

Also available is a variety of desk divider screens in both fabric panels or glass & acrylic partitions, which are very useful for creating a sense of peace and privacy for busy working banks of desks. Some of our desk dividers also have a useful tool rail so you can attach monitors to keep desktops clear and easy to clean.

In a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we developed a range of wipeable and hygienic office partitions to help create safer working environments to maximise employee and customer protection. These office partitions are made from either Perspex® acrylic or thermally toughened safety glass, which offer wipe-clean surfaces that are easy to sanitise regularly to help prevent transmission of the virus.

Our range includes many standard size options; however, our manufacturing capabilities mean we can create bespoke sizes to suit your individual requirements. Different shapes, heights, widths can be manufactured. All you need to do is give us a brief on what your layout is and what you are trying to achieve and we can design a solution for you.

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Benefits of Office Partitions:

  • Divide Up Open Plan Workspaces
  • Organise & Structure Workstations
  • Add Privacy To Banks of Desk
  • Helps Reduce Office Noise
  • Improves Productivity & Concentration
  • Effective Social Distancing
  • Freestanding, Mobile or Desk-Mounted

Office Partitions Are Ideal For:

  • Open Plan Offices & Work Studios
  • Reception and Meeting Areas
  • Open Plan Retail Showrooms
  • Banks of Desks
  • Reception Areas & Waiting Rooms
  • Breakout Rooms & Canteens
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our fabric-covered office screens and partitions are manufactured with an internal wooden core. Chipboard, MFC or MDF are used, which is wood formed from wood chips, bonded into a particleboard, impregnated with paper and sometimes a resin. This wood is easy to cut and shape and is how most office furniture is constructed.

The wooden screen core is cut to a specific size of height and width, depending on your requirements, on a wall-mounted panel saw. Any CNC work is then done, for edging, grooves or recesses needed for the particular style of partition. Once the screen is manufactured the core goes to upholstery for a durable, fire-retardant furniture fabric to be upholstered onto the screen. Some screen fabric requires gluing, especially if it is curved, or it is stapled to the wooden core. Stapling fabric to a core, or ‘carcass’ is the same construction method used in chair and sofa upholstery. At this point of construction, wipeable laminates, anti-microbial surface preparations or pinnable material can be applied.

Once cutting and fabric upholstery have been completed, partitions are then edged or framed with either a PVC or aluminium edging strips or framework to aid aesthetical appearance, rigidity or for linking capabilities. If the screens are to be linked, an additional linking strip is included so you can join multiple screens together to allow you the functionality of partitioning large areas or segregating offices with increased stability and safety.

Stabilising feet, castor wheels, linking sections or desk clamps are made from pressed steel that is powder coated for durability. At this stage, these are added to your screen order which is then all carefully packed in protective polythene and protective cardboard. Foam corners are added to the corners of the screen to protect it during transit.

Our social distancing screens are made from Perspex® acrylic or thermally toughened safety glass for a smooth, durable and transparent surface that’s easy to clean. They are available in unframed versions, or styles finished with a durable, non-porous aluminium frame for a modern look.

Yes, all of our office partitions are covered with a fire-retardant fabric: 

Speedy/Standard: Complies with the following fire safety standards: BS5867 Part 2 1980, BS7176 1995 and BS EN 1021 1994.

Standard Acoustic: Complies with the following fire safety standards:EN 1021-1 (cigarette), BS 476 Part 7 Class 1 (Adhered), EN 13501-1 Adhered Class B, s2, d0

Premium Acoustic/Spectrum Fabric: Complies with the following fire safety standards:EN 1021 - 1&2 (cigarette & match), BS 7176 Low Hazard, BS 476 Part 7 Class 1 (Adhered), EN 13501-1 Adhered Class B, s1, d0, EN 13501-1 Un-adhered Class B, s1, d2.

Yes, you can link together multiple office screens to suit your office layout. Our freestanding floor partitions are sold with stabilising feet and a linking strip so you can join multiple screens together. 

Our desk partitions are sold with clamps and linking strips so you can fix multiple screens into inline or cross configurations on desk banks.

There is no limit on the number of screens that can be linked together; making office partition incredibly flexible and versatile. They are ideal for use in small or large office spaces. 

Linking screens together means you can create segregated areas for teams, meetings or break out areas. Linkable office partitions can be used as a cost-effective alternative to permanent office walls or bespoke partitioning. 

Desk dividers, or partitions, are fabric-covered or Perspex® panels designed to break up large banks of desks. Our standard fabric panels offer privacy for individual work spaces, while our acoustic desk dividers help to reduce sound transmission between desks, which makes them ideal for busy offices or call centres. Our transparent Perspex® acrylic and glass desk dividers have been designed to allow light flow and communication while introducing social distancing barriers to protect employee health.

All of our desk divider screens are sold with clamps, brackets or screws for desk fixing, but we do also sell freestanding versions for flexible working.

Yes, we sell a wide range of acoustic office partitions, from freestanding floor screens to desk dividers, s-shaped walls and meeting pods. Our standard acoustic screens are 35mm thick and covered on both sides with a pinnable layer before being wrapped in fire retardant fabric. Our premium acoustic screens are 80mm thick with an internal carcass covered in luxury foam-backed loop nylon fabric and thick acoustic layers for high-quality sound-absorbing qualities.

Our office partitions are available in a wide range of colours and fabric types. 

Our speedy fabric office screens are available in red, blue, black and grey. The standard fabric and acoustic office screens are available in black, royal blue, light grey, ruby, sky blue, lead, blue and dark grey.

Our premium acoustic screens and meeting pods are available in Madura Green, Tortuga Blood Orange, Belize Red, Diablo Dark Pink, Marianna Blue, Scuba Blue, Tarot Purple, Havana Black, Tequila Grey, Sandstorm Brown, Solano Mustard Yellow and Adobo White.

All of our fabric office partitions are covered in a commercial-grade fire-rated fabric that is manufactured especially for partitions and office furniture. 

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