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Perspex® Screens For Reception

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Reception Perspex® Screens

In response to the social distancing measures set out by the UK Government and the WHO during the COVID-19 pandemic, we created a range of reception desk screens to help create safer working environments to maximise employee and customer protection. Made from materials such as Perspex® and thermally toughened safety glass, these screens are available in a frameless or aluminium-framed finish and are easy to wipe clean and sanitise regularly to maintain a safe working environment.

Reception Perspex® Screens are designed for front-of-house points of contact in offices, retail environments, hospitality venues, receptions, medical facilities, waiting rooms, care homes and any other location where social distancing measures are required.

Our range of Reception Perspex® Screens includes a variety of different shapes, thicknesses and materials. Following the rise of Coronavirus, freestanding counter screens in front-of-house points of contact, such as reception desks, have become legal requirements across the UK.

This collection of Reception Perspex® Screens includes solid frameless divider screens, panels framed in aluminium, and designs with cut-out transaction hatches included. These are essential for receptions in retail spaces, hospitality venues, medical facilities, and beauty salons. The range includes freestanding panels which sit flush to the surface, or those with feet, bases or stands, as per your preference. We also include curved panels for corner reception desks to round out a collection which fulfils all demands.

Designing our range of freestanding desk partitions in Perspe® acrylic and tempered glass preserves a light and bright work space while offering maximum protection for both employees and customers from illnesses such as Coronavirus and seasonal flu. Disease particles spread through breathing, coughing, sneezing, shouting and singing are stopped by our reception screens, protecting both staff and customers. Materials like Perspex® acrylic and glass can then be easily cleaned by wiping down with antibacterial or diluted bleach solutions to maintain a healthy, safe and hygienic reception area.

We sell a broad range of reception screens in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials. However, if you can’t find what you need, our manufacturing capabilities allow us to create any bespoke screen. Different shapes, heights, widths can be manufactured. Just give us a brief on what your layout is and what you are trying to achieve, and we can design a personalised solution for you.

For more information on our Reception Perspex® Screens please Contact Us or call us on 01234 676767

Benefits of Perspex® Screens For Reception:

  • Create a Barrier at Contact Point
  • Protect Staff & Customers
  • Reduce Risk Of Infection Transmission
  • Allows Light & Communication
  • Increase Reception Security
  • Provides Peace of Mind
  • Wipeable & Easy To Sanitise Surfaces

Perspex® Screens For Reception Are Ideal For:

  • Reception Counters And Desks
  • Creating a Socially Distant Workplace
  • Retail & Hospitality Counters
  • Medical Waiting Rooms
  • Doctors Surgeries & Pharmacys
  • Front-of-House Areas
  • Curved Reception Desks

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, yes. If you cannot find the exact screen you are looking for, our UK-based manufacturing process allows us to work with you to design and create the ideal reception screen for your requirements. Call our team on 01234 676767 to discuss your options.

Wipe down your Perspex® reception screen with warm, soapy water using a microfibre cloth to remove smudges or smears. 

You should avoid using ammonia-based products as these can damage the surface of the acrylic, eventually causing cloudiness. We also recommend against using paper towels or kitchen towel to wipe down your Perspex panel as they don’t do a very good job of removing any scratches and may even cause damage. 

The composition of microfibre cloths makes them more effective in wiping away harmful bacteria and viruses so we recommend you use soft microfibre cloths wherever possible.

To sanitise your Perspex® screen, you can use a standard antibacterial wipe or diluted bleach solution, and then polish the surface with a microfibre cloth.

Yes, we have a wide range of different freestanding counter screens available for you to choose from. Our framed freestanding counter screens are finished in high-quality aluminium with durable bases to ensure strength and stability. Our frameless counter screens have smooth edges for a quality, refined finish.

We sell a wide variety of Perspex® acrylic and glass reception and counter screens for social distancing, including framed and frameless versions, fixed and standalone designs and hanging partitions across a range of different price points.

Hanging dividers can be useful for receptions where you have different desks at different heights, or where you wish to keep the desk space clutter-free. Our standalone screens are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including screens with cut out hatches for transactions, which are great for retail counter tops. Our glass screens are weighty and strong but require screwing into your desk to prevent them from toppling over.

Yes, we sell a variety of counter-top screens with cut-out hatches for transactions, which are ideal for retail or hospitality environments, as well as reception desks. We sell both aluminium-framed and frameless versions.

Perspex® and clear acrylic sheets do look like glass and, for Social Distancing Screens, Sneeze Screens and office screens; Perspex® has some advantages over float glass in terms of use as a glazing material for protective screens.

Perspex® sheets are optically clearer than plate glass, allowing more than 90% of light through, compared to glass’s 87% approximate transparency. If you compare like-for-like thicknesses of acrylic and glass screens, the Perspex® acrylic will always be clearer.

The downside of this enhanced clarity is that Perspex® Screens and acrylic can look too much like plastic. This is not an issue for COVID screens, but for applications where the ‘glass look’ is essential it may not be suitable. Thicker glass will have that desirable green edge tint and the slight drop of clarity that glass gives will be preferred in certain applications.

We offer clear Perspex® and toughened safety glass as options on many of our sneeze screens, to give you the choice.

All our office screens are supplied with either a 1, 2 or 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction warranty - if you are not happy, we will fix it. It is that simple.

All our office partitions are manufactured in the UK. We are proud of our products, quality and service and we would love to prove it. If you need any information regarding on our range, please contact us or call 01234 676767

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