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Desk Divider Screens

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Office Desk Screens

The lack of internal walls in many modern open-plan offices mean that these work environments can become very noisy, distracting places; particularly where there are large banks of desks seating multiple employees. Installing desk divider screens in your workplace can aid concentration, reduce noise pollution and even prevent sickness from spreading amongst co-workers.

Privacy desk divider screens are not suitable for use in offices, they are used in schools, universities, colleges, call centres, and libraries.

Desk divider screens can be very useful for creating a calm space, conducive to productivity, on busy working banks of desks. Some of our desk dividers have also been designed with a useful tool rail so you can attach monitors (or other accessories) to keep desktops clear and workplaces tidy and easy to clean. Choose between our range of fabric desk partitions, or our hygienic clear glass & acrylic desk dividers, which allow light to travel through the office and enabled colleagues to communicate easily.

We also supply market-leading acoustic office desk dividers, which help to reduce noise and increase productivity within busy areas. These partitions have a thicker core and are covered both sides in a layer of foam-backed luxury loop nylon fabric which helps to absorb noise, so they are incredibly useful for large offices, call centres and businesses that have large amounts of noise pollution.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we developed a range of Sneeze Screens and Guards to help create safer working environments to maximise employee and customer protection in line with new social distancing measures set out by the UK Government and the WHO. Manufactured in the UK from materials such as Perspex® and tempered safety glass, these screens are available in frameless or aluminium-framed finishes and are easy to wipe clean and sanitise regularly to maintain a hygienic, COVID-free working environment.

Our range includes many standard sizes to suit most desk configurations, however, our manufacturing capabilities allow us to create any bespoke screen depending on what your needs might be. Different shapes, heights, widths can be manufactured. Just give us a brief on what your layout is and what you are trying to achieve, and we can design a personalised solution for you.

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Benefits of Desk Divider Screens :

  • Divide Up Large Desk Banks
  • Organise & Structure Workstations
  • Reduce Office Noise Pollution
  • Increase Productivity & Concentration
  • Encourage Social Distancing
  • Available in Fabric or Acrylic Finishes
  • Bespoke Solutions Available

Desk Divider Screens Are Ideal For:

  • Open Plan Offices & Work Studios
  • Large Banks of Desks
  • Creating a Socially Distant Workplace
  • Universities, Libraries & Schools
  • Busy Operational Call Centres
  • Hiding Unsightly Wires & Cables
  • Adding Privacy To Open Areas

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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the critical need for safety and hygiene screens for desks and in offices, the bestselling screen in our range is our Framed Clear Perspex Desk Dividers.

These modern, stylish and functional desk screens are available with either genuine Perspex or Tempered Safety Glass with an aluminium frame. They are available in 4 heights and 6 widths, complete with desk clamps to fit almost any table or desk.

Our Office Screens and partitions are supplied with either a 1, 2 or 5-year warranty against manufacturing defects. 

All our partitions are manufactured in the UK. We are proud of our products, quality and service; if you need any information regarding our range, please contact us.

We sell desk screens made from a range of materials.

Our fabric-covered desk screens and partitions are made with an internal wooden core in chipboard, MFC or MDF (wood formed from wood chips, bonded into a particleboard, impregnated with paper and sometimes a resin). This wood is easy to cut and shape and is how most office furniture is constructed. This internal core is then upholstered in a fire-retardant fabric and finished with a PVC or aluminium frame. 

For our standard fabric-covered office partitions, the wooden screen core is cut to a specific size of height and width, depending on your requirements, on a wall-mounted panel saw. Any CNC work is then done, for edging, grooves or recesses needed for the particular style of partition. Once the screen is manufactured the core is upholstered in a durable, fire-retardant furniture fabric. Some screen fabric requires gluing, especially if it is curved, or it is stapled to the wooden core. Stapling fabric to a core, or ‘carcass’ is the same construction method used in chair and sofa upholstery. At this point of construction, wipeable laminates, anti-microbial surface preparations or pinnable material can be applied.

Once cutting and fabric upholstery have been completed, partitions are then edged or framed with either a PVC or aluminium edging strips or framework to aid aesthetical appearance, rigidity or for linking capabilities. 

Linking sections and desk clamps are made from pressed steel that is powder coated for durability. At this stage these are added to your screen order which is then all carefully packed in protective polythene and protective cardboard. Foam corners are added to the corners of the screen to protect it during transit.
Our Perspex®, acrylic or toughened safety glass screens have a solid, clear central screen panel surrounded by a durable and aluminium frame for strength and stability. Frameless versions for desk dividers are also available.

Yes, we sell a large range of Perspex screens for desks, designed to help protect your employees and customers.Following Coronavirus and changes to Government regulations on social distancing, we have seen asubstantial increase in demand for Perspex screens in offices. 

Since then, we have launched a huge range of protective barriers suitable for most different working and business environments. Choose from free-standing and desk mounted Perspex screens that are suitable for use on desks, counters and tables. 

Office Desk Dividers have long been seen as an economical way to partition a bank of desks into separate sections. Screens were chosen based on function, aesthetics, colour and budget; but COVID-19 has made us aware of the need for screens that are easy to keep clean and sanitised to help prevent the spread of any illness within the workplace. The choice of surface materials is important; glass or acrylic transparent desk divider screens are suitable as they can be wiped clean but they also allow light in, so not as claustrophobic as fabric covered panels. Our partitions are manufactured with aluminium frameless edgings making them non-porous and easier to maintain.

Combining these newer, modern partitioning alternatives with a sensible office layout plan that ensures social distancing may help your business or organisation better control the virus and bacteria and facilitate a safer and more productive workplace.

To ensure you receive the correct size of desktop partition, please measure the width and depth of the top of your desk prior to ordering. The width will be the longest side and will be where your desktop attaches to along the back of the office desk. This will be the total width of the desk, normally 1400mm, 1600mm or 1800mm. The depth is how deep the desk is from the wall to where you sit. Depending on the construction of your desk, please also measure the thickness of the desktop as this will determine which clamp you will need to secure the screen to the desktop. 

Please check for obstructions such as legs and supporting structures that may require a deeper clamp than just the thickness of the wood used for the desk. We supply screen clamps in a variety of sizes to fit almost any office desk. Please get in touch with us to discuss the different options if our standard size clamps are not suitable for you.

Sound-absorbing acoustic partitions do work; their effectiveness depends on the size of the office, the number of people talking or on the phone at one time versus the amount, height and thickness of the acoustic screens as well as the number of panels used.

How and where you use your acoustic dividers is crucial; sound-absorbing screens and panelling should be placed where sound waves will bounce back. The panels and screening will absorb a percentage of the sound waves and sound reverberation will be reduced.

A combination of desk partitions, freestanding acoustic screens, panelling and ceiling mounted baffles will have the greatest effect. For advice and solutions on reducing your workplace noise, please contact our team.

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