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Folding Screens

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Concertina Screens

There are plenty of environments where you need to divide up a large space into smaller ones quickly and easily at short notice. Offices, large retail spaces, schools, colleges, libraries, museums, hospitals, care homes, reception areas… the list goes on.

Having a set of linked folding screens on hand to roll out is the easiest and most cost-effective method of dividing up large indoor spaces. Concertina screens are essential for these kinds of environments as they can be easily folded away or rolled out as required. Our folding screens have been designed to play more than one role. Thanks to their construction, they can also be used as a room partition screen and well as a large display areas for marketing materials, artwork, educational displays or medical charts.

Our concertina screens are made up of five, six or seven  panels, depending on the size you require. Each room separator screen is 25mm thick and covered in a fire-retardant loop nylon fabric (available in a range of bright colours) before being finished with a durable, lightweight PVC frame. Thanks to their design, the panels in our concertina screens can be used as display boards, suitable for use with pins or Velcro tabs, as you prefer.

Each of the individual panels has a base with lockable castor wheels so you can roll the folding screen out and easily fix it in place with no fuss. The panels are hinged together and can be easily unfolded or stored away in a small space as required. Our standard panels are 600mm wide, and available in two heights: 1500mm or 1800mm.

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to create any bespoke screen depending on what your needs might be, so if you require a panel divider with more panels, or a concertina with different sized individual panels, we can make that happen for you. Different shapes, heights, widths can be manufactured. All you need to do is give us a brief on what your layout is and what you are trying to achieve and we can design a solution for you.

For more information on Concertina Screens please Contact Us or call us on 01234 676767. 

Benefits of Folding Screens:

  • Free Standing Room Dividers
  • Moveable Walls For Offices
  • Temporary Office Partitions
  • Helps Reduce Office Noise
  • Integrates Social Distancing
  • Cost-Effective Screening
  • Quick And Easy To Deploy

Folding Screens Are Ideal For:

  • Open Plan Offices & Work Studios
  • Reception and Meeting Areas
  • Open Plan Retail Showrooms
  • Universities, Libraries & Museums
  • Schools And Colleges
  • Busy Operational Call Centres
  • Breakout Rooms & Canteens

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our folding concertina screens act as a room separator screen and are designed to create a large panel divider for open plan spaces such as offices, halls, school classrooms, retail showrooms and many more locations. Simply unfold the portable partition panels and use the castor wheels to roll the screen out into place. Once in place, apply the brakes to the lockable castor wheels to keep the screen fixed in position.

Please Note: the concertina screens must remain in the zig-zag formation for stability, it SHOULD NOT be stretched out into a straight screen. For a straight room divider, our Insta Wall Screen is the best solution.

Our concertina screens are designed to fold back on themselves into a compact screen block which can then be rolled into a cupboard or corner for easy storage thanks to the lockable castor wheels.

Yes, our folding concertina screens can be used with pins, staples or Velcro tabs so you can use them to display marketing materials, school projects or as a company noticeboard. The portable privacy screen panels in our concertina screens are upholstered on both sides, so both sides can be used for display.

Yes, our foldable concertina screens are available with 5, 6 or 7 panels to suit your divider wall requirements. They are also available in two heights, 1500 and 1800mm. 

Alternatively, our Insta Wall offers a different configuration of dividers; the panel screens are connected by full-length piano hinges allowing you to create straight, curved, serpentine or booth shape partitions.

Yes, our Guardian Mobile Divider Partition on Wheels is available to purchase as a kit of linked screens, meaning you can create your own transparent divider wall. This makes it a flexible and safe solution for setting up socially distanced areas within a larger work or school environment.
We also sell a full range of social distancing screens in various shapes and sizes, many of which can be linked together to form larger divider walls. 


In our classic concertina screens, each panel screen is 600mm wide and comes in a choice of 2 heights – 1500mm and 1800mm. Panels are covered both sides with luxury loop nylon, which comes in 6 different colours, with your choice of a black or grey PVC frame.

Our Insta Wall partition screen has a honeycomb core which is a highly efficient at absorbing sound. The fabric covering is suitable for use with Velcro tabs ONLY. The frame is constructed from powder coated steel for a rigid screen, even in a straight line and the ends have grab handles for convenient portability and ease of use. Durable, locking castor wheels included as standard.

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