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Snap Frames

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Poster Clip Frames

Snap frames, also known as poster clip frames, are one of the most popular poster display solutions as they are incredibly easy to use and allow you to change notices and promotions quickly without the use of tools. Their front-loading design can be ‘snapped’ open allowing access to your poster quickly and hassle free. 

Poster clip frames are manufactured with aluminium extruded frames with mitred corners and strong plastic back panels for support. They are supplied with anti-glare PET poster covers to help protect your display materials.

Office Snap frames are available in standard poster sizes A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, 30” x 20” and 40” x 30” - but our manufacturing capabilities allow us to create bespoke snap frames if required. Please speak to our team on 01234 676767 for more information.

Suitable for use in almost any location, Snap Frames are an affordable and cost-effective advertising solution. They can be used for a range of uses including displaying important information such as notices, menus and fire safety information. They are ideal for promoting events, new menus, social distancing information or showcasing store posters and event flyers and advertising film releases or theatre shows. 

Within our range of Poster Clip Frame range, we sell outdoor snap frames which have waterproof seals to prevent weather damage to your displays. Our outdoor clip frames also have a lockable feature, limiting access to your displays and preventing unwanted tampering. In addition, some of our snap frames have inbuilt LED lights, offering a backlit effect to make your poster display stand out.

We have a wide range of poster clip frames in stock for dispatch within 24h for fast delivery. We offer a discount for larger pack sizes including packs of 10 or 50 snap frames, but you can purchase our snap frames individually, too.

We’re proud of the quality of our snap frame products, and we constantly monitor our prices to offer our customers the best value. This is why we offer a Price Promise on all of our Snap Frames. If you are quoted a lower price on a snap frame by one of our UK competitors, we will always endeavour to either match it or beat it.

For more information about our snap frame collections, please Contact Us or call 01234 676767.

Benefits of Snap Frames:

  • Quick And Easy Poster Changes
  • Wall Mounting Kit Included
  • Black, Coloured & Silver Snap Frames
  • Use Indoor And Outdoor
  • A4, A3, A2, A1 & A0 Poster Display Frames
  • Illuminated Snap Frames Available
  • In Stock Snap Frames With Next Day Delivery

Poster Clip Frames Are Ideal For:

  • Office And Workplaces 
  • Retail And Shopping Centers
  • Reception and Meeting Areas
  • Universities, Libraries & Museums
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Community Centres & Churches
  • Hospitals & Medical Facilities

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Frequently Asked Questions

Snap frames are poster display frames that are ideal for showcasing posters, advertisements, restaurant menus, office safety notices or many other kinds of displays. They are constructed with front-loading frames; each side of the frame is fitted with spring-loaded hinges that ‘snap’ open or shut, allowing you to make instant display changes quickly and easily without the need for tools. Our range of poster clip snap frames includes 25mm and 32mm-thick standard aluminium or coloured frames, illuminated backlit frames, outdoor frames and tamperproof lockable snap frames.

Snap Frames can be used almost anywhere thanks to their simple, cost-efficient design. This makes them one of our most popular poster display frames. You will find them in all kinds of different locations, from public spaces such as churches, schools, community centres, hospitals and libraries to hospitality venues such as hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs and cafes; retail outlets such as shops or supermarkets to entertainment locations such as theatres, cinemas, exhibitions and events - and even in transport systems such as stations, walkways, subways, buses, trains and airports.

Snap frames are designed so that all four of the frame sides ‘snap’ open and shut under tension (thanks to the spring-loaded hinges). To change posters in a snap frame, simply pull up each side of the frame, lay your poster inside, cover with the protective plastic cover and ‘snap’ each frame side back into place. It takes less than a minute to complete. 

We sell snap frames is a range of popular poster sizes:

  • A0 (1189 x 841mm)
  • A1 (841 x 594mm)
  • A2 (594 x 420mm)
  • A3 (420 x 297mm)
  • A4 (297 x 210mm) 
  • 30” x 20” (762 x 508mm)
  • 40” x 30” (1016 x 762mm) - also known as a cinema ‘quad’ poster 

Please note that these dimensions reflect the poster sizes - the frame sizes will vary slightly depending on the style of the snap frame you choose.

Yes, all of our snap frames come pre-drilled for wall-mounting, and include the required fixings. For smaller, more lightweight poster clip frames in sheltered, indoor locations you can secure your snap frames to any flat surface using a self-adhesive hook and look fastening tape if you do not wish to drill holes into the walls. However, larger, heavier poster clip frames, or those in public spaces, do require drilling to be secure. 

The plastic PET poster covers for Snap Frames are included to help protect your internal displays. They form an anti-glare non-reflective surface, keeping your displays visible even in direct sunlight, and protect from damage or fading. 

In order to use snap frames outside, you should purchase a product specifically designed for outdoor use. Each of our product pages will highlight where it can be used so please check each individual product page for specifications.

Outdoor snap frames have been designed and constructed with weatherproofing seals included; this prevents your displays from weather damage caused by condensation or rain. Products not designed with these additions are not guaranteed to be waterproof and are therefore not recommended for outdoor use. Each poster frame is supplied with a protective plastic sheet that keeps your posters and notices dry and secure. 

Snap frames are an excellent choice for offices as they help to fulfill a variety of different functions. You can use them to display safety notices and evacuation information, COVID requirements, show off office decor, highlight team achievements, boost morale, create a sense of community or for practical purposes such as timetables or scheduling. For more information about how to use snap frames in your office, read our blog Essential Poster Frames For Offices.

Yes, you can print displays for your snap frames on any kind of paper you like; the protective poster covers in the frames offer some protection for your posters. For temporary displays such as news or notices normal paper should be sufficient; but for long-term displays such as menus, advertisements or artwork, we recommend getting these professionally printed on Laminated Printed Posters as the laminate coating finish offers additional protection and a longer life for your displays. 

Our 25mm snap frames with silver frames are held in stock and available for next-day dispatch. For more information on delivery times, check each individual snap frame product page or call our team on 01234 676767 for product recommendations within your required timeframe.

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