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Office Notice Boards Ideas to Improve Communication

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Office Notice Boards Ideas to Improve Communication

Noticeboards are products that have been designed specifically to showcase information to employees, pupils, visitors and the public in a variety of different locations. They are an easy way to distribute notices and information to a wide range of people in an analogue fashion. Most commonly they are constructed for use with pins, staples or velcro (though magnetic options are available). Options for indoor or outdoor use are available, as well as fire-rated products for schools and public spaces.

What is a notice board used for? 

Primarily, notice boards are used to share information. In office settings, notice boards are an essential tool for informing employees and staff about emergency procedures, upcoming events, rotas and calendars, safety and social distancing information - and displaying relevant community information such as employee of the month, discounts, offers and news bulletins. 

Notice boards are a versatile and adaptable way to share information. Those located in staff rooms  or break areas might flag up charity events, team-building activities or essential company notices. They can also be used to display business performance, charting success stories and boosting morale. 

Whether you choose an indoor or outdoor notice board, the space provides a completely blank canvas that is perfect for communicating all sorts of messages.

What are the types of notice boards?
  • Aluminium Framed Notice Boards - these are the most common type of office notice board. They have a tough board core substrate covered in a layer of fabric, finished with a modern aluminium trim. One of the most affordable display board solutions, there are Class 0, Fire-rated options available. These wall-mounted displays can be positioned in any office location (portrait or landscape orientation) and are available in a range of standard sizes. Product Example: Decorative Noticeboards With Aluminium Frame

  • Wooden Frame Notice Boards - as with aluminum-framed notice boards, wood-framed display panels are finished in a luxury nylon fabric and an eco-friendly wooden frame. Exclusively designed for indoor use, they offer a more aesthetic, natural finish in comparison to our metal-framed products. Product Example: Decorative Fabric Noticeboards With Wood Frame

  • Unframed Notice Boards - an unframed notice board offers all the display space you need with a simple finish. In addition, you can arrange them flush to one another to create large display areas that appear as one long display board. Frameless notice boards are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, including the highest fire rating. Product Example: Flameshield Unframed Fire Resistant Notice Boards

  • Fire Retardant Notice Boards - noticeboards with fire ratings are required in areas with more than 25 people at any one time. For office spaces, therefore, you will need to purchase a fire-rated notice board that adheres to both UK and EU fire safety certifications. Class 0 notice boards are typically used in stairwells, escape routes and unsupervised areas where people's safety is a concern. They are available in aluminium framed, unframed and tamperproof variations, but they are suitable for indoor use only. Product Example: Flameshield Unframed Fire Resistant Notice Boards

  • Tamperproof NoticeBoards - for an office notice board that’s lockable and secure, Tamperproof Notice Boards are a great option. They are manufactured with lockable doors made from virtually shatterproof polycarbonate glazing which prevent unauthorised altering of the displays inside. Depending on the size you choose, these secure noticeboards come with either one or two doors. While a great option for busy office spaces, you’ll also find them in schools, leisure centres, churches and other unsupervised public areas. Product Example: Decorative Tamperproof Lockable Noticeboards

  • External Noticeboards - designed for outdoor use, external notice boards are available in a number of different styles, including wall-mounted and freestanding options. These outdoor display board options come complete with lockable doors and weatherproof seals. Product Example: Wall Mounted External Noticeboards 

  • Mobile Noticeboards -  mobile notice boards can be an incredibly effective office tool. Mounted on metal frames finished with lockable castor wheels at the base, you can move them around easily to where you need them most, for display or presentation purposes. They are available as landscape or portrait pinnable or whiteboard display boards. Product Example: Mobile Pin Up Whiteboard

Decorative Tamperproof Lockable Noticeboards

Decorative Tamperproof Lockable Noticeboards

Decorative Fabric Noticeboards With Wood Frame

Decorative Fabric Noticeboards With Wood Frame 

How can office notice boards improve internal communication?

A notice board is designed to promote a sense of community, whether that’s within an individual office, a larger workplace building or even a village or town. Your notice board can be a way to bring people together, through community activities, after-work social events or even birthday notifications. You can improve internal communication within your office by encouraging your coworkers to interact with the office notice board. You can make it accessible to everyone, but it’s important to set down guidelines of what can and cannot be posted to ensure you end up with a community information zone which is respectful and professional. 

In addition, notice boards that have ‘long-term’ fixed displays such as fire safety information, evacuation procedures, annual calendars and the like are essential tools for communicating important messaging to your colleagues. These, more permanent notice board fixtures, benefit from eye-catching, colourful and laminated posters or leaflets that can be fixed in place and left securely for long periods of time without deteriorating.

Ultimately, your notice board can be used in whatever way you choose to engage, inform and entertain staff in your office. With a wide range of designs and surfaces to choose from, how you display your notices is up to you. By giving your workforce a place where they can come to learn about company values, interact with their teammates and participate in organised activities, you are improving internal communication and fostering a lively office community.

If you need any assistance choosing the right notice board for your office, our expert team is on-hand to offer advice and support. Please reach out to us via our Contact Us page, or call us on 01234 676767.



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