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Floor To Ceiling Screens

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Floor To Ceiling Partitions

Floor-to-Ceiling Screens serve a variety of purposes depending on where you require them.

Full height floor-to-ceiling partition screen dividers are ideal for office and business use as meeting room pods and glass cubicle screens or to create a COVID-secure space for meetings and employee workstation areas. Each of the individual partition screens in our COVID cubicle, for example, is height-adjustable from 2m up to 2.6m with an innovative sliding Perspex® screen mounted at the top. The sliding screen is fully user adjustable and can be set between 2m to 2.6m. It can also be removed if required

Our range of floor-to-ceiling meeting pods are designed for use in busy, open-plan offices and retail showrooms to form fully-enclosed private spaces for offices, meetings, telephone calls or private study, and in larger formats can also be used as break rooms to prevent relaxed conversations disturbing other working colleagues.

From 2nd November 2020, floor-to-ceiling screens are now a requirement for care home residential visits, due to Government guidelines. The Government advises: "Measures put in place should provide COVID-secure opportunities for families to meet using visiting arrangements such as floor to ceiling screens, visiting pods, and window visits".

Our floor-to-ceiling office meeting pods are constructed with a durable aluminium frame and a combination of tall glass or fabric panels, finished with a glass sliding door and a ceiling with inbuilt lighting to create an entirely freestanding private space. These ‘pods’ can be configured with any number of glass or fabric panels, so they can be entirely personalised to your requirements.

Easier and more cost-effective to install in open-plan offices than constructing a permanent room, our floor-to-ceiling meeting rooms can be finished with a number of practical (optional) accessories; including a power and data post (which fits between two panels and will connect your office pod to the mains power supply in your office) and an optional ventilation system which maintains a fresh and healthy atmosphere in your enclosed pod.

Whichever kind of floor-to-ceiling screen you choose, we have standard sizes available but we can also create bespoke sizes to suit your needs – just speak to our team for more details.

For more information on our Floor to Ceiling Screens please Contact Us or call us on 01234 676767

Benefits of Floor To Ceiling Screens:

  • Divides Up Open Plan Spaces
  • Create Individual Meeting Spaces
  • Socially Distanced Office Cubicles
  • Increase Productivity & Concentration
  • Suitable For Care Home Visits
  • Modular & Reconfigurable Solutions
  • Bespoke Office Cubicles Available

Floor To Ceiling Screens Are Ideal For:

  • Open Plan Offices
  • Meeting Areas & Training Rooms
  • Open Plan Retail Showrooms
  • Care Home Facilities
  • Social Distancing Requirements
  • Training Rooms & Work Studios
  • Open Plan Call Centres

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Frequently Asked Questions

Designed and manufactured in the UK in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic to serve as a safe social distancing measure that was recommended for working offices and care home facilities. 

Office Cubicles, Work Pods or Meeting Pods:

Full-height partition screen dividers are ideal for office and business use as meeting room pods and glass cubicle screens. Create a COVID-secure space for meetings and employee workstation areas. Screens are designed for 90 degree 'L Shape' corner installation due to stability but can be linked inline if required. Screens may be secured to the wall for in-line use and you will need the optional round base feet for stability. Screens assembled at right angles are freestanding with the option to secure to the wall or add feet for additional stability.

Care Homes And Nursing Homes

Floor-to-ceiling screens were also a requirement for care homes to allow safe and controlled residential visits. Government guidelines (information correct at time of writing: November 2020) stipulated that ceiling-high screens should be installed where visiting was taking place to minimise the risk of infection amongst vulnerable and elderly residents. 

Our perspex floor to ceiling screens are self-build solutions that require only an Allen key to assemble.There is no need to hire expensive contractor teams, we supply a set of assembly instrcutions that allows you to complete assembly in just 6 easy steps.  

The sliding screen is user adjustable and can be set between 2m to 2.6m. It can also be removed if not needed. The ceiling screen is mounted via spring-loaded ball bearings for a smooth adjustment. Rubber washers sit behind the screws to minimise over-tightening onto the Perspex®. The ceiling screen is locked off with Allenkey once set to the correct height.


Each partition screen is height-adjustable from 2m up to 2.6m with an innovative sliding Perspex® screen mounted at the top. 

If you are looking for something different, we can design a bespoke screen for your environment and needs. Contact us or call us on 01234 676767 to start designing your solution today. 

One of the main ways Coronavirus (and other illnesses) is spread is via respiratory droplets, which are expelled from the mouth and nose when you breathe, talk, shout, laugh, sneeze etc. Droplets from an infectious person (whether symptomatic or asymptomatic) can travel up to 2m through the air to infect others. This is why social distancing measures that require us to keep a 2m distance from others are in force, and why we are requested to wear face masks in indoor public spaces.

In working environments, remaining 2m apart is not always feasible. Social distancing screens have been designed to form transparent barriers between people, giving the effect of a 2m distance by blocking the spread of these infectious respiratory particles. By setting up social distancing screens in your office or workplace, you can help to prevent the spread of viruses such as COVID-19, seasonal flu and Norovirus between co-workers.

Social distancing screens made of Perspex® acrylic and glass can also be easily sanitised regularly to provide a safe and hygienic working environment.

The floor-to-ceiling screens are made from Perspex® acrylic glass with a durable aluminium frame. This makes them sturdy and stable with a clear transparent panel for effective communication while maintaining social distancing. Both acrylic and aluminium are materials that are easy to keep clean and sanitised, and can be regularly wiped down with antibacterial solution or diluted bleach to remove all traces of harmful virus particles or bacteria.

Our glazed free standing office pods are made from a combination of 4mm-thick toughened safety glass panels and 40mm-thick foam-backed acoustic panels. The kits include a structured aluminium frame, a sliding glass door and an internal ceiling with lights included.

Our standard floor-to-ceiling screens are sold as individual panels and are available in widths of either 900mm or 1200mm. Each partition screen is height-adjustable from 2m up to 2.6m with an innovative sliding Perspex® screen mounted at the top.

If you require screens in alternative sizes, please speak to our team on 01234 676767 we can manufacture anything you need. 

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