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Acoustic Wall Panels

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Acoustic Panels

If your working environment is busy and noisy, such as a sales department or call centre, then reflecting sound can bounce around the room distracting everyone and reducing productivity. This phenomenon is particularly pronounced in larger, open-plan offices without carpeting, fabric office partitions or other soft furnishings.

Installing a series of acoustic wall panels, also known as wall baffles, is a great way to combat noise pollution as these panels have been designed specifically to absorb sound and prevent it from reverberating around the room. Available in a variety of shapes and colours, they are manufactured using 18mm thick sound-absorbing foam, covered in a layer of fire-rated fabric to reduce reverberation time by up to 70%.

As well as being highly effective, a series of acoustic panels is also an efficient way to reduce office noise as you can use them to cover large surface areas on walls, getting excellent sound reduction effects without taking up valuable floor space. 

Available in a range of colours from subtle tones to bright hues, you can use our soundproofing panels to make a vibrant statement in your office or workplace. Mix and match colours and styles to create your own decorative feature wall. The design of these upholstered wall panels means they can are ideal for adding decorative design to office walls. 

The modular sound tiles are quick and easy to install and provide offer excellent sound-absorbing qualities. The fire rated fabric means they are not only limited to office wall panelling but can be installed in many different working environments such as canteens, schools and universities, venues and reception areas. In addition, they can be used in home offices and studies or in and around the home. 

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Benefits of Acoustic Wall Panels:

  • Reduce Noise Pollution in Offices
  • Create a Quieter Work Environment
  • Increase Productivity & Concentration
  • Modular Designs To Mix & Match 
  • Decorative and Practical
  • Adaptable & Flexible
  • Bespoke Solutions Available

Acoustic Wall Panels Are Ideal For:

  • Open Plan Offices & Work Studios
  • Reception and Meeting Areas
  • Busy Operational Call Centres
  • Universities, Libraries & Museums
  • Study Areas For A Quiet Space
  • Large, Uncarpeted Spaces
  • Breakout Rooms & Canteens

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Frequently Asked Questions

Acoustic wall panels are flat panels suitable for fixing directly on to walls. They are made of board, covered with a layer of insulating foam and finished with a choice of fabric. They are designed to prevent sound echoing around a large room, offering a quieter and more peaceful working environment. Our wall panelling is available in a range of different shapes and sizes, as well as different thicknesses, and can be configured in geometric patterns for a modern look.

Acoustic wall panels are designed to reduce the amount that sound can reverberate around a space, offering a more peaceful atmosphere where noise is muffled for a more pleasant work environment. Studies have shown that acoustic wall panels can reduce reverberation time (the length of time required for sound to decay 60 decibels from its initial level) by up to 70%.

Our acoustic wall panels can be attached using a traditional keyhole bracket that requires holes drilling into the wall. Alternatively, we offer 3M Command™️ Strips that are easier to configure and won't damage the wall if you want to remove the panels. 

Acoustic wall tiles have been designed specifically to absorb sound reverberation in loud offices or large, open-plan spaces. Often offices can be noisy places, particularly those without carpet, curtains or other soft furnishings. Acoustic wall panels or wall baffles can significantly mute and reduce the amount of noise in a room. While using these in large numbers can almost entirely soundproof a room, using them on their own without other design changes (such as soundproof doors/seals) will not offer complete soundproofing.

You can place acoustic panels on the walls or the ceiling to get the benefits of their sound-absorbing qualities. With their different, graphic shapes, these panels can be laid out in geometric designs in contrasting colours for a vivid artwork effect - or you can choose neutral tones for a subtle, under-the-radar finish. We recommend 15-20% room coverage to get the best effect from your acoustic panels.

We sell acoustic wall panels in a variety of different shapes and sizes; browse our range to find the design that appeals to you the most. You can create all kinds of different looks and patterns using a combination of different shapes and colours.

However, if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, our manufacturing capabilities do allow us to make bespoke shapes and sizes. Please get in touch with our team for more information.

Acoustic wall panels are made of board, covered with a layer of insulating foam and finished with a choice of fire rated fabric. They are designed to prevent sound echoing around a large room, offering a quieter and more peaceful working environment. They are available in a range of different shapes and sizes.  

If your office or work environment has very few soft furnishings and sound echoes loudly around the space, you could benefit from installing acoustic wall panels. We have a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, as well as colours and finishes, so you can create a beautiful piece of wall art that’s practical as well as striking.

Acoustic wall panels and acoustic screen partitions are both effective methods of reducing noise pollution in busy workplaces, though they serve slightly different purposes. The acoustic wall panels reduce sound reverberation across the entire space, reducing echoing and reducing the distance that sound can travel. Acoustic partitions offer a more focused effect; installing them around desks or to create meeting spaces helps to trap the sound within smaller areas. We recommend using both acoustic wall panels and acoustic partition dividers together for the maximum soundproofing effect.

Firstly, begin by examining which are the primary points of sound reflection in your office or workplace. These will vary from location to location, but in most offices, installing panels at head height is a good place to start to absorb spoken sound. If you’re focusing your acoustic panels on the walls, we recommend beginning with around 15-20% wall coverage, and add to this as needed. 
Larger, more open spaces without wall space can benefit from ceiling panels as an alternative. If you’re only using ceiling tiles, you should begin by covering around 23-35% of the ceiling with acoustic panels.

Offices or workplaces with especially high ceilings can benefit from suspended sound baffle screens, which generally perform better than wall-flush panels, due to both sides being exposed to noise. 


As sound hits a hard surface, it reflects back out into the room; this is reverberation. Without controlling this, sound will continue to reflect around the room. If you have several sound sources producing noise, this can be incredibly disrupting to staff. The effectiveness of acoustic panels is measured using an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) number. The NRC is an average rating of how much sound an acoustic product can absorb; for example, an NRC of 0 means that the product absorbs no sound, whereas an NRC of 1 means that the product absorbs all sound. The higher the NRC, the better the product is at soaking up the sound.


Studies have shown that an empty room, measuring 3m x 4m x H2m, will have a reverberation time of 1.0 second (reverberation time is the length of time required for sound to decay 60 decibels from its initial level). Covering 60% of the room’s walls in 40mm-thick acoustic wall panels (with a NRC of 0.55) reduces the reverberation time to 0.5 seconds, for a 50% reduction. Installing 64mm-thick acoustic wall panels (with a NRC of 0.90) across 60% of the room’s walls will reduce the reverberation time to 0.3 seconds - this is a 70% reduction.

Acoustic panels have been designed to reduce noise reverberation and aid in soundproofing. This makes them ideal for busy, noisy environments such as open-plan offices, call centres, sales departments, schools and training colleges. They are also suitable for home offices and studies. Easily installed onto walls and offer an excellent alternative to acoustic screens or partitions as they will not take up any valuable floor space.

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