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Medical Screens

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Medical Privacy Screens

Our specially designed range of medical screens and dividers are manufactured from high-quality materials for use in NHS facilities, private hospitals, surgeries, A&Es, Urgent Care Centres and vaccine clinics. These partitions ensure a safe, hygienic and private space for every patient during treatments; intimate moments and medical care scenarios; plus they can help to improve efficiency in busy, changeable environments thanks to their flexible and practical designs. Using these medical dividers, you can quickly build private areas, segregating ward beds, care stations, waiting rooms or treatment rooms - or even booths for COVID-19 vaccinations or testing.

Hygienic & Safe
All of our medical screens are manufactured from high-quality materials (such as powder-coated steel or gloss-coated aluminium) that are non-porous to prevent bacteria and viruses from settling and minimise infection transfer and cross-contamination when moved between locations. These materials are also easy to thoroughly clean and sanitise, making them ideal for use in sterile or medical environments.

Our medical screens offer a cost-efficient alternative to traditional fabric medical dividers and curtain screens, which are often manufactured with antimicrobial properties within the weave, but long-term, this can degrade and allow bacteria to spread - particularly when such screens are made with wood or cardboard inner panels. Ward drapes and curtains also require frequent washing and laundering, which in the long run, adds significantly to the cost. Our range of metal and Perspex® medical screens are designed to give you a durable, efficient solution with reduced cost over the long term.

Practical & Flexible
As well as being hygienic and safe, our medical screens are a flexible and practical investment. They are crafted with non-marking lockable castor wheels attached so you can easily move them around and fix them in place where they’re needed most. Mobile screens add flexibility to hospital wards, as they are not constrained to ceiling tracks like curtains or more expensive wall mounted and retractable medical screening. The design of our concertina folding medical screens means you can store them away easily to occupy a reduced floor space when not in use.

All products have a 1, 2 or 5-year warranty, depending on model and are manufactured within the UK and held in stock. For more information on our medical screens, please reach out via our Contact Us page or call our sales team on 01234 676767.

Benefits of Medical Screens

  • Designed for Medical Use
  • Create Private Spaces for Patients
  • Non-Porous, Hygienic Materials
  • Easy to Keep Clean & Sanitised
  • Cost-Effective Medical Solutions
  • Effective Social Distancing Partitions
  • Cost-Effective Alternative to Curtains

Medical Screens are Ideal For

  • Separating Patient Beds
  • Offering Patient Privacy
  • Treatments, Consultations & Vaccines
  • Busy, Crowded Medical Facilities
  • Great Alternative to Curtains or Drapes
  • Sterile or Surgical Environments
  • Hospitals, Surgeries, A&E, ICU

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Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to our broad range of office and social distancing screens, we also sell a collection of approved medical screens, which includes DIGNITY® Screens, GUARDIAN screens, waiting room dividers and vaccine screens and booths. Each product has been specially designed with medical use in mind, to support operations in hospitals, medical facilities and vaccination centres. 

All of our medical-grade screens are made from non-porous materials such as Perspex® and aluminium. This makes them very easy to keep clean and sanitised. These durable screens can be sanitised using a range of methods; diluted bleach solutions, antibacterial wipes or even medical-grade cleaning solutions. Remember to wipe them down regularly (between each patient) using clean, disposable or sterilised cloths to remove all traces of viruses and bacteria.

Our hospital screens are made from a variety of different materials, depending on the screen you choose. All of the materials used in our medical screens are of the best quality, sourced for their durability. Perspex® acrylic, aluminium, steel and composites are all used to manufacture these dividers; and these materials are all non-porous, making them easy to sanitise and sterilise - perfect for medical environments as well as social distancing during the COVID pandemic. Individual composition information can be found on the product pages of each screen, or for more information on how we source our materials, you can reach out via our Contact Us page.

Absolutely, yes, our medical screens can be used for social distancing.

Our medical screens are all created from non-porous materials, making them ideal choices for social distancing partitions as they can be easily wiped down and sanitised regularly to maintain a healthy and hygienic environment. Although they are specifically designed with medical purposes in mind, these flexible screens can be adapted to any environment where social distancing is required.

Some of our medical screens have transparent Perspex® acrylic panels, and some are fitted with opaque white or gloss metal panels. Please choose your finish carefully depending on your requirements.

Medical Screens are specially designed partition dividers created for use in hospitals, GP surgeries, ICUs, treatment rooms, vaccination centres and other kinds of medical facilities, both private and NHS. They are most commonly used as privacy dividers between beds, seats or treatment areas in wards and other areas where patients need to be kept separate. They offer an excellent alternative to traditional fabric screens or curtain dividers as they are made from non-porous materials and are easy to sanitise and disinfect. They are also more durable and long-wearing, offering better value for money by standing up to the demands of medical facilities. 

Our medical screens are designed to be flexible. Although we sell panels that can be hung from ceiling tracks or attached to walls between beds, our most popular medical dividers are our mobile, freestanding models. These are incredibly versatile thanks to the lockable castor wheels attached to the base. They can be moved easily around the hospital or medical facility and fixed temporarily in place wherever you need them most. This means that ward layouts can be re-configured for patient needs and changing demands or requirements of medical staff quickly and easily; helpful in a busy medical setting.

Our DIGNITY® and DIGNITY® PLUS Mobile Hospital Medical Screens are made from CNC cut composite aluminium panels with a gloss white finish or Di-Bond composite gloss panels (respectively). Both have an opaque, white finish which is suitable for writing on using white board markers ONLY. These can be wiped easily off the surface using a cloth or dry-wipe eraser. This design feature means our DIGNITY® screens are a practical choice for medical environments as important notes on medications and patient information can be made on the panels immediately next to a patient bed, for clear instructions to nursing or medical staff. In addition, the metal frames and panels are suitable for use with magnets, so can be helpful for attaching paperwork or charts.

We sell a variety of different medical screen solutions at different price points to suit all budgets, starting from our GUARDIAN DIGNITY® Medical Hospital Screens on Wheels which start from £179. 

Although typically medical screens have a higher initial outlay cost than cheaper solutions such as curtains, in the long run, our durable protection dividers last much longer and prove more cost-effective as they are not subject to the same wear and tear as fabric curtains which require constant laundering. The antimicrobial protection woven into these fabrics degrades over time, but our longwearing medical screens are designed to be regularly washed down and sterilised without damaging the core materials. This means that, over the life of the product, our medical screens work out as much better value for money.

Discounts are available for bulk orders. We are consistently working with healthcare organisations, NHS Supply Chain and hospital procurement to source the right solution for the right price.

All of our medical screens have the capability to be linked to others to form dividers that cover larger areas, for example, to divide larger room spaces into smaller areas. Each of our individual screens is sold with a linking kit included, so you can join together several screens from the same range. Our DIGNITY® and DIGNITY® Plus screens are sold as a tri-panel kit, with three linked screens together in a concertina fashion. These can be folded flat together for easy storage. 

The amount of assembly required depends on the type of screen you order.

Our DIGNITY® and DIGNITY® Plus screens require minimal assembly; the panels are pre-constructed so all you need to do is attach the wheels to the base and they’re ready to use. This is the same for all our mobile screens and dividers.

Larger, modular products such as our vaccine pods and waiting room dividers do require more assembly. Instructions are provided on the relevant product pages (and included with the product at delivery). We also offer an installation service (at additional cost) if you would prefer to have an expert team set up your screens for you. If at any point you require further assistance or information, please get in touch.

In our range of medical screen products, the following items are in stock for fast UK dispatch and next-day delivery or collection:

Other products in our medical screens range have individual delivery times due to the manufacturing nature of the item. Please check individual product pages for accurate information. 

If you need medical screens urgently, please call 01234 676767 or contact us for assistance.

All of our medical screen products are manufactured in the UK to a high standard, and are supplied with either a 1, 2 or 5-year warranty (depending on the model chosen). This warranty is against manufacturing defects. We also offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee - if you aren’t happy with your product, we will fix it. Simple as that! We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best service possible and we’re proud of the quality of our products. If you need any information regarding on our range, please give us a call on 01234 676767.

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