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Modern Office Partitions - Creative Design Ideas

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Modern Office Partitions - Creative Design Ideas

Achieving a truly practical office working environment is most likely going to require the introduction of a number of styles of office partition. This kind of office furniture helps you to create a modern, contemporary space that’s divided into smaller working areas to help encourage productivity and maintain a healthy working environment. Modern office partitions come in all shapes and sizes, with designs specifically manufactured to fulfil certain purposes. In this article, we’ll discuss the different types of office partition available, how you can commission a bespoke design, and how you can use them in your office to create your ideal contemporary layout.

What are the types of office partitions?
  • Desk Dividers - Desk dividers create barriers between office workers seated at large desk banks, particularly in open-plan layouts. Traditionally they have been fabricated with fabric finishes, but since the arrival of Coronavirus more and more businesses are choosing to install transparent acrylic desk dividers for social distancing purposes. Our desk dividers are available in freestanding styles, or designs which require screwing in.

  • Fabric Partitions - Our most affordable office screens are our fabric partitions. These freestanding dividers are upholstered in a commercial-grade woven fabric that meets all fire safety standards and are available in a range of colours and widths.

  • Mobile Screens -  All of our mobile office screens are supplied with lockable castor wheels, meaning you can easily roll them around your workplace and lock them temporarily in place wherever you need a separator screen. With transparent acrylic and fabric divider options available, these flexible screens are useful for dividing up seating areas, setting up temporary meeting spaces and also effective as social distancing panels.

  • Acoustic Screens - Acoustic screens are specially designed for use in busy, noisy office environments. The construction of acoustic panels makes them ideal solutions for absorbing noise and preventing sound reverberation around a room, particularly one with an open-plan layout.

  • Office Pods - Our range of office cubicle screens offers an adaptable and adjustable office partition solution that can be easily installed at a relatively low cost. We sell office cubicles as curved booths, floor-to-ceiling glass cubicles and bespoke ‘pods’ made up of individual linked screens.

  • Printed Partitions -  Our range of printed office screens can be customised to support your company branding, creating a partitioned office space that’s a fantastic advertisement for your business. Or why not choose beautiful photography to create an artistic feel? The possibilities are endless, and the choice is yours.

  • Concertina Screens - Having a set of linked folding screens on hand to roll out is the easiest and most cost-effective method of dividing up large indoor spaces. Available as single acrylic panel screens which can be linked together, or as concertina screen kits made up of five, six or seven fabric panels, depending on the size you require.

  • Curved Screens - our curved office partitions are available as acoustic fabric partitions and Perspex® acrylic screens. The Perspex® acrylic curved screens are available in either floor-standing designs or as a curved desk screen that’s suitable for curved reception desks or retail counters. The acoustic fabric curved partition is one of the most efficient noise control acoustic screens available.  

  • ACHOO® Screens - The ACHOO® range of Perspex® screens includes a wide range of specially designed high-quality social distancing screens with a stylish, modern design. Designed and manufactured in the UK, ACHOO® screens are made from only the highest quality materials, custom aluminium profiles, stability feet, and fittings.
Tips for achieving a well-designed and modern office environment

Do not underestimate the effect that a well-designed and modern office environment can have on the productivity and positivity of your employees. The five most important things to consider when designing a modern office environment are:

  1. Layout - if you’re starting with a blank, open-plan space, then working out your desired layout before you begin ordering furniture is a good idea. Think about noise hotspots in your office (machinery, phone areas, recreation spaces) and try to keep desk spaces as far away from these as feasible. You should also think about meeting spaces - if you have no bespoke meeting rooms then office pods offer an excellent alternative. Ensure you leave passageways for employees to move easily through seating areas without bumping into desks, and use screens and panels to ‘block off’ visibility to distracting locations such as reception areas or break rooms.
Premium Acoustic Desk Partition With Quad Tool Rail

Premium Acoustic Desk Partition With Quad Tool Rail

Glass Office Pods 4m X 3m

Glass Office Pods 4m X 3m

  1. Seating - your employees will spend the majority of their working days seated at their desks, so creating a pleasant desk environment is essential for maintaining morale. Long desk banks are an effective use of space in open-plan offices, but can be distracting work spaces, so implementing a series of desk divider screens can help to keep things peaceful and productive.

  2. Lighting - making sure that your employees have plenty of light in the right places is essential. Introducing large fabric or opaque screens in your office can be an effective way of creating ‘cubicles’ but it can block out the light from your overhead sources. Choosing screens with utility tool rails means you can use clip lights or alternative light sources to provide direct light to each employee workspace.

  3. Noise Levels - offices, particularly open-plan ones, are noisy environments. Introducing measures such as acoustic screens or baffle panels to mute the sound and reduce echoing and reverberation around the space can make a huge difference to your employee productivity levels.

  4. Safety - as we move into the post-lockdown stage of the Coronavirus pandemic, prioritising employee health and safety is still very important to keep our economy moving in an upward trajectory. We must do everything we can to ensure our offices and working environments are as safe as possible, minimising the risk of infection transfer within an office space. Perspex® acrylic and glass social distancing screens keep employees separated by a transparent barrier, helping to prevent the spread of infectious illnesses while maintaining a collaborative feel.

ffice partition design ideas

If you’re choosing one of our printed partition screens then you can design your own artwork to adorn the fabric screen covering. This means that, in addition to plain one-colour panels you can also think creatively to design your ideal partition finish. A few concept ideas you might consider are:

  • Tonal - keep things simple with plain one-shade panels in the same colour or in coordinating tonal colours for a chic and modern look. 

  • Branding - use your business’s branding as inspiration for both a colour scheme or a patterned design. This also offers an excellent marketing opportunity if you have frequent visitors to your office.

  • Barely There - if you’re seeking a subtle look then choose a design in keeping with the rest of your office furnishings for screen panels that will blend in

  • Artwork - your printed partitions are blank canvases for expressing your creativity; why not embrace art prints or blow up beautiful landscape photography to create striking finishes that everyone in your office will enjoy looking at

  • Geometrics - if you like a pattern but don’t want something as bold as art or photography, then choosing a geometric style with repeating motifs or shapes will offer a chic look in keeping with a modern officeHow to create a bespoke solution for your office requirements
How to create a bespoke solution for your office requirements

We have an extensive range of office screens and partitions in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, or if you need some modifications made to accommodate your office dimensions, our manufacturing capabilities allow us to create bespoke office screen solutions. Reach out to our expert team on 01234 676767 and we will work with you to create a personalised design.

For more information about any of our office screens, please reach out to our team who can help you design a combination of products to create a modern office set-up using our screens and dividers. You can get in touch via our Contact Page, or call us on 01234 676767.



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