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External Notice Boards for Schools - Weatherproof Display Options

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External Notice Boards for Schools - Weatherproof Display Options

Despite the typical British weather we’ve been having, we are in fact in the midst of the school summer holidays! But before you know it, term time will roll around again, so it’s time to start getting prepared for the new school year. As we begin the autumn term, you might feel that your school needs a bit of sprucing up, or an injection of colour to your outdoor locations. That’s where your school grounds could benefit from the introduction of external notice boards.

Outdoor notice boards and other external displays are an essential addition for any school as they facilitate the distribution of information to students, teachers and parents; but they can also be used effectively to display colourful, decorative projects such as student artwork to decorate your school grounds (and give your students a boost from seeing their work displayed proudly).

External school notice boards are a quick and easy way to display important information to parents, students and teachers; including events, school announcements, timetables and schedules. Unlike digital tools such as email notices or website updates, these permanent outdoor fixtures allow for the sharing of information on-site within the school grounds, meaning they will be spotted at key times such as during the school run, and are therefore more likely to be taken notice of while people’s minds are fixed on school activities.

What makes external notice boards weatherproof?

Our outdoor noticeboards are designed specifically to be durable and weather-resistant, and to function outside all year round. They are able to do so thanks to a combination of the materials used in their manufacture (correx, aluminium, plastic etc) and their special waterproof seal which locks out any moisture to protect your posters, messages and information inside.

While our standard external notice boards are weatherproof on their own, for more exposed locations we recommend choosing a correx interior. This fluted plastic sheeting is extremely lightweight and can be used with Blu-Tak or tape to fix your display materials, making it ideal for use outdoors. In addition, purchasing laminated posters for more long-term displays rather than relying on printed paper can increase the longevity of your board.

For locations which require some security, we also sell tamperproof notice boards to keep your displays safe and secure. These are manufactured with reinforced aluminium construction, a substantial frame profile, reinforced hinges and a very secure locking mechanism. In addition, the Anti-vandal PETG glazing is virtually shatterproof, protecting your notices and displays from the elements as well as external damage.

How much do external notice boards for school cost?

Our collection of external school noticeboards has a variety of different options available depending on your requirements. The range starts from a very reasonable £40* for our Wall Mounted External Noticeboard with a Silver Frame and goes up to £662* for our WeatherShield External Noticeboard With Header Panel, which can be personalised with your school name. With many options available within this price range, you’re sure to find the ideal external notice board for your school. 

Types of external notice boards for schools

  • Bulletin/Letter Display Board - This style of external notice board is designed to offer pin-free display space suitable for notices, papers, leaflets and also letter displays. Our Outdoor Enclosed Bulletin Board is a wall mounted tamperproof notice board with a heavy-duty frame, a high specification lock and hinge system and an internal waterproof seal that prevents moisture from getting inside. The internal grip rails have a rubber seal that holds notices securely in place and allows for quick and easy message changes. 

  • Wall-Mounted Notice Board - These lockable, waterproof, wall-mounted notice boards (such as our Wall Mounted External Noticeboard with Coloured Frame) can be used indoors too, but have been designed to protect your posters and notices from the elements. You can choose from a pinnable, magnetic or correx interior. We also sell Keyless Tamperproof External Noticeboards which are ideal for unsupervised areas and do not require keys -  they can only be opened by attaching the supplied mini suction clamps to the removable door and pulling.

  • LED Display Board - Products such as our External Noticeboard with LED Lightbox Display have built-in LED lighting systems which are maintenance-free for up to 100,000 hours. They typically use around 30% less electricity than traditional fluorescent tube lighting systems. The light strips are located down the two longest sides of the 6mm acrylic interior board to highlight your displays. They also have an extra-strong frame and anti-vandal hinge system so you can safely leave them in unmonitored locations.

  • Post/Double Post-Mounted Notice Board - Available in a range of shades to suit your school colours, our Single Post Mounted Lockable Outdoor Noticeboards and Double Post Mounted External Noticeboards are designed to be eye-catching and durable, keeping your school notices safe and secure from the elements to keep students and parents informed all year round.

  • WeatherSheild External Display - Our WeatherShield products are certified completely 100% rainproof and weatherproof. Available in Wall-Mounted or Freestanding versions, they are an ideal choice for particularly exposed locations.

  • Personalised Notice Board Displays - How better to build a real school community than by choosing a personalised external school notice board or display? Whether you choose a Freestanding product or a Wall-Mounted design, you can add your logo or school crest to the printed header panel.
External Notice Boards - Coloured Frame

Wall Mounted External Noticeboards Coloured Frame

WeatherShield Lockable External Showcase Wall Mounted

WeatherShield Lockable External Showcase Wall Mounted

With the new term just around the corner, it’s time to think ahead and upgrade your school’s external display boards ready for students to return for the new school year. There are so many different options to choose from that we know we can help you find the ideal external notice board for your school. Why not invest today in a way to educate, inform and entertain your students, teachers and parents this year and for years to come with one of our durable, weatherproof outdoor notice boards?

For more information about any of our school noticeboards, for indoor or outdoor use, please get in touch with our team via our Contact Us page or by calling 01234 676767. We’ll be happy to help you find the perfect product.

*Please note, these prices do not include VAT.



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