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Desk Dividers

Open plan office spaces are becoming more and more common, but these work environments can become very noisy, distracting places; particularly where there are large banks of desks seating multiple employees. Installing the right office desk partition screens in your workplace can increase productivity and even help to prevent sickness from spreading amongst co-workers.

Fabric desk divider screens are a practical and cost-effective way to create a sense of peace and privacy for busy working banks of desks. Some of our desk dividers also have a useful tool rail so you can attach monitors to keep desktops clear and easy to clean. Within our desk mounted desk divider screens we also have a range of acoustic solutions that help to reduce noise and increase productivity within busy areas. These are incredibly useful for large offices, call centres and businesses that suffer with the detrimental effects of noise pollution.

While in recent years office layout trends had been moving firmly away from the more traditional cubicle feel towards an open-plan setting, with the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, UK businesses have had to rethink and restructure their workplaces. Social distancing screens have become a familiar part of our everyday lives, in both work and leisure situations, and seeing them installed in offices and other workspaces across the country is something we are now all used to.

Office desk partition screens made from Perspex® acrylic, class or PVC (Acetate EVA) offer social distancing solutions for desks and countertops which are easy to keep clean and sanitised. These smooth surfaces, unlike fabric screens, can be easily wiped down using antibacterial or diluted bleach solutions to keep your workplace free from lingering infectious particles. This helps to keep your workforce healthy and productive. A bonus of this kind of desk divider is that they allow light to travel through your office, maintaining a bright and welcoming atmosphere.

Thanks to our manufacturing capabilities at our UK-based site, we are able to create bespoke desk divider options, so if our standard sizes or shapes are not suitable for your workplace, please reach out to our team who will be happy to discuss options with you.

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