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6 Ways to Divide Your Office Workspace

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6 Ways to Divide Your Office Workspace

Open plan offices are increasingly common, but they can be challenging spaces to furnish to ensure your workforce have a productive, healthy and practical environment to go about their daily tasks. Constructing permanent solutions can be an expensive and time-consuming business; so why not invest in a variety of office partitions and dividers instead? These cost-effective solutions serve many different purposes within an office working environment, allowing you to easily divide up the space into private desks, meeting rooms, quiet zones and break rooms. Read on for 6 easy ways to divide up your office workspace.

1. Folding Screens on Wheels

Sometimes, you may need to create temporary ‘rooms’ for meetings, training or recreation purposes. Investing in a folding screen on wheels is an ideal option for segmenting off flexible spaces within your office. The majority of our folding mobile concertina screens are made from traditional fabric-covered panels, with metal frames and lockable castor wheels on the base. They can be folded away in a fan-style for easy storage in a cupboard or corner and unfolded when required to divide up an office space. Perspex® screens are also available if you wish to preserve the light, bright feel of your office; or if you need to divide up larger spaces quickly and easily but without making the space feel too restricted. 

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2. Mobile Whiteboard Dividers

While you might immediately think of traditional office partitions for dividing up an office space, mobile whiteboard dividers offer a practical alternative. Functional and versatile, mobile whiteboards can divide up an office space while offering a creative platform for display, training or presentation purposes. The whiteboard surfaces are available with a magnetic or non-magnetic finish, and the boards are compatible with dry-wipe marker pens for a display surface that offers different presentation options. Choose the swivel whiteboard for a board that will rotate 360˚ on a horizontal axis for additional writing space. Thanks to their mobile bases, these dividers can be moved around the office to wherever you need them most.

View our full range of mobile whiteboards

3. Mobile Notice Boards

If you’re planning to set up flexible office divider solutions, choosing products that are multifunctional is a cost-effective way to plan your workspace. Mobile notice boards have the appearance of traditional fabric/felt-covered panels, but they can be used with pins, Velcro and staples for display or presentation purposes. The screens are available in different sizes and are framed in anodised aluminium and finished with lockable castor feet at the base so you can move them around and lock them into place as required. 

View our full range of mobile noticeboards

4. Desktop Privacy Screens

To create the illusion of individual workstations on open desk banks, desktop privacy panels are an excellent choice. These fabric-covered panels can be installed on three sides, turning shared desks into private zones ideal for boosting concentration and productivity. Thanks to their construction, these desktop privacy panels can also be used with Velcro tabs to display personal items, work calendars and other items. For extremely busy environments such as call centres or sales departments, we also sell acoustic versions of these desktop partitions which are specially designed to prevent sound-reflecting around the office for a more peaceful office. Desk screens are also available in transparent Perspex® allowing you to make the space feel bigger but still offering defined workstations. 

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5. Printed Office Partitions

If you want to divide up your office space but are looking for an unobtrusive solution, then choosing printed office partitions can be a good choice. These lightweight panels are constructed from a personalised printed fabric graphic stretched over an aluminium frame; they are easy to move around and can be linked together using magnetic connectors. Use them to create meeting rooms, relaxation spaces, private work zones or temporary training areas. The beauty of choosing printed screens is that you can blend them seamlessly into your office decor. Use your company’s branding, match them to the interior decor of your office, or choose vibrant artwork or photography to create striking backdrops. Spread imagery across several screens for a showpiece framework. 

View our full range of printed office partitions

6. Freestanding Office Screens

For versatility, freestanding screens have the widest range of shapes, sizes and designs to suit every requirement. From speedy fabric screens with fast delivery to premium acoustic dividers to absorb noise pollution in noisy offices - and even to medical-grade vinyl screens - this category of office divider has it all. 

  • Fabric freestanding screens - simple and cost-effective, these panels are suitable for all offices and are available in a range of colours. 
  • Speedy office screens - a range of styles all available with faster delivery for those situations where you need an office screen fast! 
  • Acoustic freestanding screens - these panels have an internal foam core and are covered in foam-backed fabric to reduce noise pollution helping create a peaceful and productive environment 
  • Perspex freestanding screens - a great solution for diving up space without restricting light and the open feel. 

The majority of our office screens can be used on their own or linked to others in the same range for more coverage. 

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While an open plan office can be a friendly and welcoming place, there are drawbacks to a set-up where all employees work in the same room, with limited or no privacy. Introducing office dividers and partitions can help you to create a multi-purpose office that’s set-up to meet your employees’ needs and create the most productive working environment possible.

For more tips on dividing your office workspace, our team is on hand for advice via our Contact Us page or on 01234 676767.



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