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Perspex Desk Screens For Hot Desking

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Perspex Desk Screens For Hot Desking

If you’ve thought about ordering a collection of social distancing screens for your office or workplace but you’re not sure of the process or the finished look, don’t worry. Based on the purchase by one of our recent clients, we’ve put together a case study on ordering Perspex® desk dividers - including photographs of the finished installation - so you can follow all the steps to set up the ideal safe and socially distanced hot-desking environment.

The product featured in this particular case study is our ACHOO® Crystal Clear Modular Desk Screens 4 Bay Workstation Dividers. This kit, to construct a 4-bay workstation, is designed specifically for social distancing purposes. In this case, the measurements of the screens were modified by the client to better suit their set-up. The client, based in London, also took advantage of our installation service for a quick and efficient way to get their screens in place before inviting their employees back to the office.

During the height of the pandemic, the client’s office, which is typically set up for hot desking, was completely closed. Since the government began lifting restrictions on its road map out of the pandemic, the office has reopened to employees. In order to reopen in a safe and socially distanced manner, the client invested in a number of ACHOO® Crystal Clear Modular Desk Screens 4 Bay Workstation Divider kits, which were modified slightly to offer a longer ‘overhang’ between seated employees, for additional protection.

For an office space that needs to be flexible and offer quality protection to employees, the ACHOO® desk divider kits are an excellent choice. The panels are manufactured from 6mm-thick clear Perspex® acrylic with a smooth 5mm radius corner. They are frameless to give a luxurious and unobtrusive finish; plus they are modular, meaning they simply slot together into the bases for a quick and easy set-up - no tools required for installation. This particular design also has ‘puck’ feet, with non-slip silicone bases to keep the screens safely in place. 

ACHOO® Crystal Clear Modular Desk Screens 4 Bay Workstation Dividers

Why Should You Use Perspex Screens in Offices?

Social distancing screens made from Perspex® acrylic or glass have been frequently used since the start of the coronavirus pandemic to help slow the spread of the disease. To understand why they are so effective, we must first understand the three ways in which the virus spreads:

  • Contact Transmission - Respiratory droplets are expelled from the mouth or nose of an infectious person. These cannot travel far or ‘hang’ in the air for long, which is why keeping socially distanced from one another and using protective screens helps to prevent transmission.
  • Airborne / Aerosol Transmission - Aerosols are micro particles, expelled in the same way as respiratory droplets, which can remain more actively in the air, particularly in a non-ventilated room. Transmission can be minimised by all parties in the room wearing masks, the room being well ventilated, and reducing the amount of time people spend together indoors.
  • Fomite Transmission - Fomites are surfaces that have been contaminated with respiratory droplets from an infected person, which is why we are asked to sanitise our hands and our contact surfaces regularly. 

We know from experience now that the best way to prevent Covid from spreading is to reduce the opportunities for contact. Social distancing measures such as wearing face masks, washing or sanitising hands regularly and staying 2m apart wherever possible have been key to slowing the spread of the virus, as has the installation of Perspex® acrylic or glass ‘sneeze screens’ in close contact areas such as offices, retail counters or hospitality venues. 

What Kind of Social Distancing Screen Should You Choose?

Certain materials are the obvious choices when manufacturing social distancing screens as they are non-porous and therefore easy to keep clean and sanitised; these include Perspex®, acrylic, PVC and glass. This ability to be easily cleansed is essential for social distancing screens as their purpose is to form a barrier between people where a 2m distance cannot be observed (for instance, in offices or other working environments). Social distancing screens and dividers are designed to stop respiratory droplets from reaching the person next to, or opposite you; as a result, infectious particles can build up on the surface of these panels. Materials that are easily wiped down mean that you can regularly sanitise such partitions to remove all traces of the virus, making for a hygienic and socially distanced workplace. In addition, clear desk policies (as were implemented by this particular client alongside the screens) make it easier for desktops and screens to be thoroughly cleaned and sterilised at the end of each day.

Perspex Screens For Desks

How Easy is it to Modify Our Screens to Fit Your Workplace?

All of our Perspex screens have been thoughtfully designed to offer incredible protection against Covid. However, we realise that a standard fit may not be suitable for all workplaces; that’s why our expert team can work with you to modify our designs according to your individual needs, before manufacturing the custom partitions at our state-of-the-art hub in the UK. This is a service that is open to all our clients; if you can’t find the exact screen specifications you’re looking for in our standard ranges, we can help you design the perfect fit for your workplace; whether that’s to work around desk layouts or room dimensions. This client chose the ACHOO® Crystal Clear Modular Desk Screens 4 Bay Workstation Dividers, but lengthened the side panel sections of the modular kit so that they protruded further between colleagues sitting alongside one another, for additional protection. 

How Easy Are Social Distancing Screens to Install?

We pride ourselves on delivering flexible, practical solutions that offer excellent value for money and can be installed with minimal fuss. Some of our desk dividers require clamps and screws, while others are freestanding and only need to be placed on the desktop. All of our products are delivered with detailed assembly instructions, however, if you wish, we do offer a personal installation service (at additional cost). This is particularly effective for more complicated products, for large-scale orders, or where busy clients simply don’t have the time to spare. This particular client engaged our expert fitters, who traveled to London alongside the products and were on hand to prepare, fit and install the modular desk dividers to the client’s exact specifications. 

ACHOO Modular Perspex Screens

The End Result

As you can tell from the pictures, what this client ended up with was a sophisticated and understated social distancing screen set-up which actually enhanced the visual atmosphere of the office rather than detracting from it. The frameless, transparent panels allowed light to easily travel through the space, preserving the open, airy feel of the office while creating individual work areas for hot-desking employees. In fact, the client was so happy with how the screens turned out that they are preparing to order more once their workplace is up and running at full capacity once more.

In addition to the partitions featured in this article, we also sell a wide range of alternative social distancing screens. This includes freestanding screens, mobile partitions, desk dividers, meeting pods, counter screens and medical panels in Perspex®, acrylic, PVC or glass. For more information on the ACHOO® desk dividers from this case study or any other questions you may have; please reach out to our team via our Contact Us page or call us on 01234 676767.



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