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Three Things You Will Want to Have in Your Office Post Pandemic

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Three Things You Will Want to Have in Your Office Post Pandemic

Even after the worst of the Coronavirus pandemic is over, social distancing measures are going to remain in place for some time. Scientists, doctors and government experts agree that, although the vaccine program will help to reduce the number of serious Covid cases, the virus will remain active in our society and therefore future mutations (ones that might be resistant to the current vaccine) are always a possibility, as there will always be a percentage of the population who have not been vaccinated, either through their own choice or due to medical circumstances.

As a result, maintaining some of the social distancing measures for the long term is the best way to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus - or other infectious illnesses - in our workplaces. Mask-wearing and hand-washing guidelines, in conjunction with a range of social distancing screens and dividers, are the best way to help keep employees safe in offices and workspaces around the country. All of these actions help to prevent the virus from spreading through unvaccinated employees, reducing the opportunities for it to mutate.

Covid, like other coronaviruses and flu viruses, is spread by the release of infectious droplets from the nose or mouth that are released when someone sneezes, coughs or breathes. These droplets can be transferred directly from one person to another if someone is standing very close; or they can land on surfaces that are then touched by someone else. The more ‘infectious’ the strain of the virus, the further distance the particles can travel to infect another person.

Wearing a mask over our nose and mouth helps to prevent the mask-wearer from spreading as many respiratory droplets around. A common misconception is that face masks protect the wearer – but in actual fact, we wear face masks to protect others around us, and trust that they will do the same. Regularly washing or sanitising our hands kills any virus particles that have been transferred onto our skin through touching objects or surfaces, preventing us from ingesting them and becoming sick.

In addition to these personal measures that we are each responsible for, businesses should also be setting up social distancing screens. These smooth Perspex®, acrylic or glass panels form a barrier to block the airborne particles, and are particularly effective when installed between employees, at desks or in front of reception areas to allow two people to interact more safely with a social distancing partition between them. The panels should be cleaned regularly with sanitiser or antibacterial wipes to provide maximum protection against all germs and viruses, not just Covid.

There are three main types of social distancing screen which we would recommend introducing to an office environment in order to preserve the health and safety of staff members:

1. Reception Screens

Reception desk screens help to create safer working environments by maximising employee and customer protection. They are designed for front-of-house points-of-contact in offices, retail environments, hospitality venues, receptions, medical facilities, waiting rooms and care homes; basically, any space where staff must interact with visitors. The range includes screens in a variety of different shapes, thicknesses and materials, such as solid frameless divider screens, panels framed in aluminium, and designs with cut-out transaction hatches included. You can choose between freestanding panels which sit flush to the surface, or those with feet, bases or stands, and we also sell curved panels for corner reception desks.

  • Create a Barrier at Contact Point
  • Protect Staff & Customers
  • Reduce Risk Of Infection Transmission
  • Allow Light & Communication
  • Increase Reception Security
  • Provide Peace of Mind
2. Desk Dividers

Modern offices often have large banks of desks where employees sit in close proximity. Such set-ups can be great for creating a collaborative workplace, but during the pandemic, these seating arrangements meant that many workplaces simply couldn’t meet the government’s 2m-apart social distancing guidelines.

This is where desk divider screens come into play. Our social distancing desk dividers are made from materials such as Perspex® acrylic and or safety glass, and are available in a frameless or aluminium-framed finish. They are designed to either sit atop or attach to desktops to create transparent barriers between office workers, replacing the need for employees to remain 2m apart and wear face masks. These screens are easy to wipe clean and sanitise regularly to help you maintain a safe working environment for your staff.

  • Divide Up Large Desk Banks
  • Organise & Structure Workstations
  • Reduce Office Noise Pollution
  • Increase Productivity & Concentration
  • Encourage Social Distancing
3. Office Screens

Office partition screens can be used for any number of different reasons and in different environments, from offices and workplaces to schools, universities, colleges, reception areas, call centres, libraries, hospitals and many other places. Choosing the right office screens for your workplace can create bespoke meeting spaces, aid concentration and even protect sickness from spreading amongst co-workers. 

We sell a range of freestanding floor screens (with or without lockable castor wheels) that can be easily moved into place to create break rooms, meeting spaces or team areas within an open-plan office. Although our collection of office screens includes many fabric or acoustic designs, which are created to encourage noise reduction and introduce more private workspaces; the key styles in a post-pandemic world are those manufactured from Perspex® acrylic or glass. These materials are easy to keep clean and sanitised, making them a smart choice for implementing social distancing measures in all kinds of different workplaces.

  • Divide Up Open Plan Workspaces
  • Organise & Structure Workstations
  • Add Privacy To Banks of Desks
  • Reduce Office Noise
  • Improve Productivity & Concentration
  • Implement Social Distancing

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For more information on any of our office social distancing screens, please reach out to our team via our Contact Us page or call us on 01234 676767.



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