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Medical Screens And Privacy Panels

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Medical Screens And Privacy Panels

The UK’s COVID vaccination programme is in full swing, with more than 62million doses of vaccine already administered across the country. The mammoth task of ensuring every person who wishes to can have the jab means that vaccination centres are busy places; whether they’re small sites in GP surgeries, health clinics and pharmacies or large-scale centres in stadiums and events centres.

One of the most important parts of organising and managing a vaccination centre is ensuring that both healthcare workers and patients remain safe and socially distanced while distributing, waiting for or receiving their vaccinations. Providing a mix of medical screens and room dividers in waiting areas keeps things safe while people arrive for their appointments, but what about inside the clinics where the actual jabs will take place? How do you ensure patients receive privacy and safety in a busy vaccination centre?

Read on for more information on our medical screens and privacy panels.

Medical Privacy Screens

Our collection of hospital screens includes both transparent Perspex® dividers and opaque white gloss aluminium panels; both of which can be used to set up a safe and socially distanced clinical space. New vaccination sites in particular will have a need for such furnishings to create hygienic vaccination areas in spaces not initially designed for medical use. Even centres with pre-existing clinical facilities, such as GP surgeries or hospitals, could benefit from investing in individual vaccination medical screens to keep costs down while protecting patients. 

Traditional fabric medical dividers and curtain screens in medical facilities are often manufactured with antimicrobial properties within the weave, but long-term, this can degrade and allow bacteria to spread. Our range of metal and Perspex® medical screens are designed to give you a durable, efficient, cost-effective alternative.

Made from high-quality Perspex® acrylic or gloss aluminium panels with aluminium or powder-coated steel frames, our medical dividers are designed to form protective shield barriers between patients and staff, allowing vaccinations, COVID testing or other medical treatments to take place while preserving proper social distancing measures. The acrylic, aluminium and coated steel materials used in the manufacturing of these specially designed medical room dividers are non-porous. This means they do not absorb liquid, making them easy to wipe down and sanitise between each patient to remove any lingering traces of viruses or bacteria. As a result, they are extremely practical for social distancing use. 

Hospital screens with lockable castor wheels on the base can be helpful in a wide range of circumstances. All castor wheels are fitted with lockable brakes meaning they won’t move around once you’ve fixed them in position (until you’re ready to adjust them again). In addition, these screens can be linked together to form ‘pods’ which can create individual three-walled ‘rooms’ in busy wards or provide spaces for vaccination programmes. Dividers with opaque panels can be used to separate ICU or ward beds, offering patients privacy even in busy locations. 

Although we hope we are now through the worst of the pandemic, with mutations such as the B.1.617.2 (or so-called ‘Indian’ variant) becoming more widespread across the country, having medical privacy screen solutions that allow hospitals and other clinical facilities to be flexible and adaptable is best practice as we continue to battle this virus in all its forms.

What Are The Benefits of Medical Screens?

  • Specifically Designed for Medical Use
  • Create Private Spaces for Patient Dignity 
  • Made Using Non-Porous, Hygienic Materials
  • Easy to Keep Clean & Sanitised
  • Cost-Effective Medical Solutions
  • Effective Social Distancing Partitions
  • Cost-Effective Alternative to Curtains
  • Mobile Screens Are Easy to Move Locations
  • Provide Privacy And Dignity For Bedside Consultaitons


DIGNITY™ Portable Medical Screens

DIGNITY® Portable Medical Screens

ACHOO® Patient Waiting Room Divider Screen

ACHOO® Patient Waiting Room Divider Screen

Vaccination Pods

In facilities with no pre-existing private treatment rooms, vaccination pods are an excellent way to keep your staff and patients safe, even when dealing with high volumes. Typically constructed from a number of medical-grade panels, our vaccination booths are manufactured with an aluminium framework into which slide opaque foam board partitions. This flexible solution can be scaled up or down depending on requirements, simply by adding or taking away individual screens from the ‘kit’. These partitions offer privacy, ensuring patient dignity while being easy to keep clean and sanitised between injections. 

Vaccination booth ‘kits’ are available as freestanding floor screens with solid bases for fixed positions, though you can also group together a number of our mobile dignity screens which can be linked together inline or in a concertina fashion thanks to their 360° spinning castor wheels. This means you can create a flexible vaccination clinic layout that works for your needs. 

Our medical vaccination pods fit the standard cubicle size specified by the NHS: 2.4m x 2.4m and 2m high. However, if you are short on space and need different dimensions, our manufacturing capabilities allow us to create any size cubicle, so our team can work with you to design a bespoke solution. 

Whichever screens you select, we guarantee that you will receive only the highest quality items, as all of our products are manufactured on-site at our UK factory.

For more information about any of our medical screens or vaccination pods, please contact us or call our expert team on 01234 676767.



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