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FRONTIER Office Screens - 8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Them

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FRONTIER Office Screens - 8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Them

FRONTIER® Office Screens is a collection of office screens that includes fabric, acoustic, part-glazed and vinyl partitions in both freestanding and desk mounted options. But what makes this range innovative and special? Read on for 8 key reasons why your business needs FRONTIER® Office Screens. 

1. Different Styles Available 

The FRONTIER® screens for offices include five different styles of office partition, all with a full aluminium frame and stunning fabrics for a coordinated look

  • Fabric office partitions - standard fire-rated fabric office screens in a range of colours. Typically used to create private desk workspaces or temporary meeting rooms.
  • Acoustic dividers - screens with a layer of acoustic foam for additional soundproofing. Typically used in noisy environments to help reduce echoing for a more peaceful space.
  • Part-glazed panels - a fabric screen with a glazed acrylic or glass upper section. Typically used for social distancing purposes.
  • Vinyl-covered anti microbial screens - panels covered in healthcare grade vinyl, treated with an anti-microbial additive. Typically used in medical environments, receptions or waiting rooms but also practical choices for social distancing screens in offices where privacy is preferred.
  • Screen toppers - smaller glazed panels. Designed to sit on top of your pre-existing FRONTIER® screens for additional coverage.

The beauty of having so many designs within one range is that you can create a stylish, elegant interior scheme for your office for a refined look.

2. Stylish & Modern

The FRONTIER® office partitions benefit from a sleek, minimalistic design. The low-profile aluminium frames provide a sturdy finish to the panel screens, and because each screen is finished with the same profile, you can seamlessly blend different FRONTIER® screens together in the same office for a complete fit out. 

The wide range of colours and finishes available within the FRONTIER® office screen range means that you can mix and match complementary hues, coordinating your screens with your office decor or company branding. It doesn't stop there, you can coordinate glazed Perspex® screens with fabric covered panels across the office to give the effect of partitioned walls with window panels - ideal for office pods or team areas. 

You can opt for low profile stabilising feet (on free standing office screens) or round disc feet.

3. Practical & Affordable 

When presented with a large, empty, open-plan office, it can be difficult to know how best to use the space. You might be tempted to use permanent fixtures such as glass or stud walls to create meeting spaces, or install large cubicle areas for individual working. However, the FRONTIER® range of screens offers a flexible and affordable alternative. Rather than investing in such permanent solutions, you can instead spend a fraction of that outlay and purchase a number of FRONTIER® screens and dividers. 

The FRONTIER® desk dividers are a flexible and practical alternative to shelling out for large-format individual cubicles. Instead, you can achieve a similar effect by linking together desk divider panels across a large bank of desks. Whether you choose opaque partitions such as our fabric, acoustic or vinyl screens - or a transparent Perspex® or glass divider - you’ll be able to create personal workstations for your employees at a fraction of the cost of individual office cubicles.

The FRONTIER® freestanding screens can be used in place of permanent walls to create flexible meeting or recreation spaces. As the screens can be easily linked together using the strips provided, you can form temporary ‘walls’ to segment off areas of your office floor for practical purposes. The beauty of choosing screens over permanent solutions is that you can rework the layout of your workplace whenever you need to.

4. Linkable Office Screens

All of the screens and dividers in the FRONTIER® range are finished with a 30mm thick full aluminium frame (in silver or white) and supplied with two linking strips. The PVC linking strips can be used to connect two office screens together in a straight line to form a continuous partition. We also provide a junction post (sold separately) that enables 2, 3 or 4 panel screens to be connected at a 90-degree angle to form a t-shape or cross configuration. 

You could set up a collection of desk dividers on a large desk bank - but mix and match fabric, acoustic, Perspex® or vinyl panels as per your preference to make a interesting workplace. 

FRONTIER® Free Standing Office Partitions

FRONTIER® Free Standing Office Partitions

FRONTIER® Acoustic Desk Divider Screen

FRONTIER® Acoustic Desk Divider Screen

5. Ideal For Social Distancing

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we have all become familiar with the set of measures laid out by the Government and the WHO to combat the spread of the virus through our communities. These included the installation of transparent glass or acrylic panels in areas where transactions might take place, such as in supermarkets or shops; or in areas where people might be seated or working in close proximity, such as in offices.

Screens and partitions protect against respiratory droplets, which are expelled when an infectious person sneezes, coughs, shouts or sings. These cannot travel far or ‘hang’ in the air for long, which is why using protective screens helps to prevent the transmission of the virus in close quarters. The UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) advised offices and other workplaces to ensure employees were kept socially distanced, and to use screens and partitions to increase safety. While much of the UK population is now vaccinated, Covid-19 is still circulating around the world, and as the UK approaches the winter season, case numbers are once again on the increase. FRONTIER® Office Screens screens form a protective barrier and can help reduce the transmission of the virus (when kept clean and sanitised regularly) helping to keep your workforce safe and protected. 

6. Fire Rated Office Partitions 

All of the FRONTIER® screens for offices are made using fire-rated fabric, meaning that they are certified as safe choices for installation in a workplace environment.

The woven Mackflex fabric used in the standard fabric dividers and the acoustic partitions has been tested and certified as fire-rated to the following specifications: to BS 476 Part 7 Class 1; BS EN 1021-1:2014 (cigarette); BSEN 13501-1 Adhered Class B,s2, d0; BS EN 13501-1 Un-adhered Class D, s1, d2. 

The Camira Vita vinyl has achieved the following fire-rating certifications: EN 1021 - 1&2 (cigarette & match), BS 7176 Low Hazard, BS 5852 Ignition Source 5, BS 7176 Medium Hazard, BS 5852 Ignition Source 7 (with interliner), UNI 9175 Classe 1 IM, The Furniture and Furnishing (Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 (Domestic Cigarette and Match), IMO FTP Code (Part 8). 

We only use genuine Perspex® acrylic which achieves a UK Class 3 fire rating, making it suitable and safe for use in working environments. 

7. Help Reduce Office Noise

The acoustic FRONTIER® office partitions, both desk mounted and freestanding, are designed to help minimise sound reverberation within a space. This is particularly helpful in modern office environments, which are typically large, open-plan spaces with minimal soft furnishings such as plush carpets and curtains. Often, these offices have multiple hard surfaces in which sound can easily bounce off, spreading noise quickly around the space, creating a noisy and distracting environment. The FRONTIER® acoustic screens are a useful tool to solve this problem in a simple, cost-effective manner. 

Constructed with the same core as the other FRONTIER® office dividers, the acoustic panels then have a layer of 18mm thick sound-insulating foam in the core of the screen carcass. This gives the panels an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient - the average rating of how much sound an acoustic product can absorb, scaling from 0, which is ineffective, to 1, which is completely effective) of 0.43, for mid-level acoustic soundproofing. While the installation of one FRONTIER® acoustic screen might not make a huge difference, setting up a collection of these panels in both freestanding and desk divider form can significantly reduce noise pollution in your workplace, creating a peaceful and productive environment.

8. Anti Microbial Vinyl 

We have included a free standing partition and desk divider that is upholstered with a layer of Camira Vita vinyl. This is a heavy-grade vinyl treated with an anti-microbial additive that works to repel microbes and prevent odors from building up. Thanks to its smooth surface, it’s also very easy to keep sanitised and hygienic by regularly wiping it down to remove all traces of dirt.

This medical-grade material is ideal for use in medical or healthcare environments, as it naturally fights the buildup of viruses and bacteria. We have seen a huge increase in the demand for this type of office screen for offices and workplaces where more privacy is needed than what a Perspex® screen can provide, but a wipeable and hygienic solution is needed. 

While a medical-grade office screen might not seem like the most obvious choice for an office, these anti-microbial panels can be helpful tools if you’re looking for totally opaque partitions that are easy to keep clean and sanitised. Perspex® and glass dividers are the more traditional choice for social distancing screens in offices, as they preserve the light, bright feel of an open-plan space. However, if you are wanting to give your employees privacy as well as protection, the FRONTIER® vinyl office screens are an excellent choice. Available in a range of different colours, you can match them to your decor.

For more information about FRONTIER® Screens for Offices, you can get in touch with us via our Contact Us page or call us on 01234 676767.



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