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Budget Office Screens

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Budget Office Screens

Office screens and partitions offer a wide variety of solutions for tackling the most common workplace issues, such as noise, privacy, hygiene and safety. Designed to offer cost-effective solutions for offices, call centres, work studios, classrooms, colleges, retail showrooms, reception areas, universities and canteens; our range of budget office partitions includes a number of screens in different shapes, sizes, materials and colours.

The screens and dividers in our Budget Office Screens collection offer low-cost alternatives to installing permanent office furniture for:

  • Dividing up open-plan areas
  • Soundproofing noisy areas
  • Segmenting individual workspaces
  • Providing essential social distancing measures
  • Encouraging a productive working environment

The range includes floor-standing screens, fabric desk divider screens, acoustic partitions and social distancing screens. This collection also includes a number of Speedy Office Screens, which are available for fast dispatch.

1. Freestanding Floor Screens

Prices from £88

Our freestanding screen styles are made from 25mm-thick standard particleboard upholstered on both sides in a commercial-grade woven fabric. Specifically designed for office partition boards, notice boards and pin boards, the fabric is fire-retardant and meets fire safety standards BS5867 Part 2 1980, BS7176 1995 and BS EN 1021 1994. It is also available in a range of different colours to suit your office decor or branding.

These screens are sold with stabilising base feet and linking strips included, meaning you can join them together to form linked barriers as temporary meeting or sales spaces in larger, open-plan offices or showrooms. They can offer additional teaching/display space in classrooms, colleges, libraries or universities as well as dividing up seats in exam rooms. Thanks to their construction, many of our budget fabric screen options can also be used as display boards, suitable for use with Velcro tabs, and in some cases, pins.

These versatile screens are lightweight and can be easily moved around to wherever you require them. With prices starting from just £88, they offer a low-cost alternative to more expensive freestanding screens for a simple yet effective office screen solution.

2. Fabric Desk Dividers

Prices from £53

Like our freestanding floor screen panels, our budget fabric desk dividers are manufactured from 25mm-thick standard particleboard, which is upholstered on both sides in a commercial-grade woven fabric. This fabric, which has been designed especially for office partition boards, notice boards and pin boards, is fire-retardant; and meets fire safety standards BS5867 Part 2 1980, BS7176 1995 and BS EN 1021 1994. 

Fabric desk divider screens are designed to transform large banks of desks into individual, semi-private working spaces. Each desk divider panel is sold with a pair of adjustable desk clamps, which are suitable for use on desks between 17-33mm thick. Linking strips are also included so several of this range of desk screens can be joined together for a seamless look.

These desk divider screens are available in a variety of different fabric colours, depending on the range you choose. Our Speedy Desk Screens come in royal blue, black and light grey; our Standard Desk Dividers in black, light grey, dark grey, lead, blue, royal blue, sky blue and ruby; and our Spectrum Desk Screens are available in lime green, orange, red, dark pink, light blue, mid blue, purple, black, light grey, light brown, yellow and white. With all these different colours to choose from, you’re sure to find the right hue to match your office decor or branding.

3. Social Distancing Screens

Prices from £28.50

For some time now, we’ve all been living with the Coronavirus pandemic and the changes it has brought to so many aspects of our lives. Social distancing measures have been a key part in helping to prevent the fast spread of the virus. As offices around the country begin to welcome employees back after long periods of remote working, social distancing screens and panels will play a large role in keeping workers safe and healthy in the months to come.

Social distancing screens are designed to offer a safe barrier between people, as an alternative to remaining 2m apart. They are typically constructed from smooth, easy-to-sanitise materials such as Perspex®, acrylic or safety glass; these are especially hygienic as they can be wiped down regularly with a diluted bleach or antibacterial solution to maintain a clean and healthy workspace. These screens work by blocking potentially infectious respiratory particles from spreading easily from person-to-person, thus minimising the chances of an office outbreak of either COVID-19 or another nasty seasonal illness such as Flu or Norovirus.

Our collection of budget screens includes a number of different social distancing screen options; from lightweight, movable and adjustable roller screens to sturdy desk dividers and even hanging panels.

4. Acoustic Partitions

Prices from £97

Acoustic office screens are designed to help your staff maintain their concentration. The majority of distractions are noise-related, so by investing in acoustic office screens, you can reduce noise and increase productivity within your team. Acoustic screens work by absorbing the sound produced, rather than allowing it to bounce around your office. This makes them particularly effective when placed strategically near noisy areas such as receptions, break rooms and sections where frequent telephone calls are placed; as well as around office machinery such as printers or faxes.

The acoustic screens available within our budget range come in both freestanding floor screen and desk divider shapes. Both styles are 35mm thick and made with an internal wooden core in chipboard, MFC or MDF which is then covered with a pinnable layer before being upholstered in a foam-backed, fire-retardant fabric that meets the following specifications: BS 476 Part 7 Class 1; BS EN 1021-1:2014 (cigarette); BSEN 13501-1 Adhered Class B,s2, d0; BS EN 13501-1 Un-adhered Class D, s1, d2. The acoustic partitions are then finished or framed with either a PVC or aluminium edging strips or framework for rigidity or for linking capabilities. All of our standard acoustic screens are available in the following colours: black, burgundy, lead, light grey, dark grey, blue, sky blue and royal blue.

Within our range of standard acoustic screens in the budget collection, there are many different heights, widths and dimensions to choose from. However, if you can’t find the perfect size for your office, our manufacturing capabilities mean we can create bespoke panels. Please speak to our team for more information.

5. Speedy Office Screens

Prices from £54

Some of the screens in our Budget collection are also available with fast, next-day dispatch. These ‘speedy office screens’ include a number of fabric desk divider options, freestanding floor screens and social distancing panels - a great solution if you need office partitions with fast delivery.

Speedy Office Screens 1800mm High Partition

Speedy Office Screens 1800mm High Partition

Spectrum Fabric Desk Screens Straight

Spectrum Fabric Desk Screens Straight

Framed Clear Perspex® Screens For Desks

Framed Clear Perspex® Screens For Desks

Standard Acoustic Office Screens Straight

Standard Acoustic Office Screens Straight


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