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Four Reasons Why Office Partitions Help Improve Employee Productivity

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Four Reasons Why Office Partitions Help Improve Employee Productivity

Productivity: it’s a huge buzzword, whatever industry you work in. Keeping productivity levels high is an obvious way to maintain a successful business - but how do you improve employee productivity? 

One solution you may not have considered is how office partitions can make huge differences in your staff productivity. Read on for 4 reasons why investing in office screens can help improve your employee productivity levels.

1. Privacy

It can be difficult working in a modern, open-plan office - particularly if you’re the sort of person who needs quiet and privacy in order to concentrate properly. Knuckling down to work in a busy, noisy office with large desk banks can prove a real challenge to productivity levels; but with judicious use of office screens and dividers, you can create private and semi-private workstations for your employees at relatively little cost.

Office screens are a cost-effective way of introducing individual workspaces to your office. Fabric desk dividers can be fitted to large desk banks to create semi-private spaces, offering all the benefits of a traditional, ‘cubicle’-style office without the faff of installation and the reduction of floor space within your office. Our fabric desk divider screens are made from particleboard panels covered with a layer of commercial-grade, fire-retardant fabrics in a range of colours; and are all sold with two desk clamps included. These are adjustable, and designed to fit desks 17-33mm thick (this covers all standard desk thicknesses - but if you require an alternative, please reach out to our team and we can assist you.)

2. Noise Reduction

Modern workplaces can be incredibly noisy, distracting places; and if your office is particularly ‘vibrant’ (for example, a call centre or sales department where people are often talking on the phone) then standard fabric panel screens might not offer enough soundproofing. Even unexpected noise from machines such as printers and faxes can hinder concentration, which in turn reduces productivity. The reason offices suffer from noise pollution more than, say, our own homes, is because often these spaces have minimal soft furnishings such as carpets and curtains. These make a huge difference in how sound waves are able to bounce around the room; which is where our acoustic partitions come in.

Our range of acoustic screens and desk dividers have been specifically designed to reduce the reverberation of noise through an office environment. Crafted from a thick interior panel that is upholstered in a foam-backed acoustic-grade fabric, the construction of these screens makes it more difficult for sound waves to travel through the space. Choosing acoustic desk divider panels, rather than the standard fabric version, offers an estimated NRC (noise reduction coefficient) starting from 0.22. For the maximum soundproofing effect, choose our premium acoustic panels. These are constructed with a void in the central carcass of the panel, which increases their ability to dampen sound throughout your office.

3. Meeting Spaces

Being positioned in one place all day can affect productivity levels, so it’s important to give your employees alternative places in which to work within an office environment. If your workplace isn’t already set up with meeting rooms, these can be created with relative ease and limited outlay using an office screen meeting pod system.

We sell a range of different office pods; from kits comprised of a number of curved standard or acoustic panels screens (which can be linked together to form curved ‘pods’ with space for a table and a number of chairs) to full-spec glass and fabric pod rooms, which come equipped with ceiling lighting and sliding doors for privacy and soundproofing.

These pods offer spaces where employees can go for private work, or to meet and collaborate with others without disturbing the rest of the office. They also offer solutions for private offices and recreational spaces. Their versatility makes them a worthwhile investment when you’re looking to improve employee productivity in your workplace.

4. Healthy Environment

It may seem a little obvious to point out, but it’s impossible for employees to be productive if they’re off sick. Therefore, keeping your office a healthy and hygienic place is one of the best ways to ensure your productivity levels remain consistent throughout the year.

Perspex Screens were introduced to us with the arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic in early 2020. Since then, they have been a common sight in shops, hospitality venues and offices throughout the UK and around the world. Working in close proximity to an infectious person is one of the fastest ways to spread illness through your office; which is why in 2020 the UK Government suggested the installation of clear Perspex® acrylic or glass panels and dividers in workplaces across the country.

Social distancing screens work in a similar way to a face mask (though more effectively). When a person breathes, they expel respiratory particles into the air. If a person is infectious, these particles can easily travel around an office and infect multiple people. Installing social distancing screens helps to block these particles from spreading, catching them on their surfaces where they can be easily removed using antibacterial wipes or a diluted bleach solution. These hygiene screens were not only useful in fighting the spread of COVID-19, but they can also be used to help prevent the spread of seasonal illnesses such as flu or norovirus, or even the common cold, which often infects many people during the winter months.

By investing in screens to keep your workforce free from illness, you’re investing in a way to keep your productivity levels constant by ensuring the maximum number of people are healthy, happy and ready to work.

For more information on any of our office partitions, please reach out via our Contact Us page or call our team on 01234 676767.

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