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Are Perspex Screens Expensive?

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Are Perspex Screens Expensive?

  • What role will the screen need to fulfil?
  • How big does it need to be?
  • What’s the best material for the situation?
  • How much do you want to spend?

Fortunately, there are all kinds of different styles, sizes and price ranges within our collection of social distancing screens, designed specifically for different work environments and different budgets. As we move through the various stages of the Coronavirus pandemic, social distancing measures will remain in place as experts predict the virus will remain circulating in society for some time to come. That means that screens and dividers which can be easily sanitised will be key furnishings for most businesses. We’ve rounded up a few options in different price ranges to give you some inspiration. Or browse our entire range of social distancing screens for yourself.

Under £50

Effective social distancing measures don’t need to come with a hefty price tag. For example, the Clear Sneeze Screen Retractable Counter Guard is a lightweight 400mm-wide retractable roller banner with a transparent plastic screen made from PVC (Acetate EVA). A low-cost alternative to Perspex® or glass partitions, this movable counter ‘sneeze’ screen can be set to two different heights; 400mm or 800mm, depending on your requirements. Plus it comes with its own carry bag so you can take it with you wherever you go.

If you already have fabric desk dividers installed in your office, you may be reluctant to replace these entirely with transparent acrylic dividers. However, you can adapt these panels with the Spectrum Plus Acrylic Glass Desk Screen Topper for additional height with a wipeable finish. Crafted from transparent, 5mm-thick Perspex®, this small glazed screen is 200mm or 300mm high and available in six different widths to suit all desk setups.

Clear Banner Desktop Protective Screen

£50 - £100

Reception desks and retail counters are some of the most risk-facing points during the pandemic, as it’s where high traffic of face-to-face encounters occur. Installing effective social distancing partitions in these areas is critical in protecting staff and customers - but these panels don’t need to break the bank. The ACHOO® Crystal Clear Free Standing Perspex Screen offers a high-quality 6mm-thick Perspex® acrylic panel which slides into the stable slotted Concorde design ‘feet’. It’s available with or without a cut-out transaction hatch, as you prefer.

Choosing the right desk divider screens for your business doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. These Desk Screens are available in a range of different sizes, and the two supplied clamps can be placed anywhere along the lower edge of the screen to avoid any obstructions, making them suitable for any desk shape. As well as Perspex®, they are also available in 6mm-thick, thermally toughened Safety Glass with diamond polished, smooth edging.

Framed Perspex Screens For Desks

£100 - £200

Floor screens such as the Freestanding Perspex® Office Screens are some of the most practical screens you can invest in as they can be used in many different locations for different purposes. Ideal for use in offices, businesses or public spaces such as gyms or pubs, they offer a highly protective barrier. Available in 3 different heights and 3 different widths, each clear Perspex® partition is supplied with 2 feet for stabilisation, or 2 round bases with 2 in-line linking strips for connecting multiple screens together inline.

Finding safe, socially distanced spaces for meetings or even for sociable lunch breaks can be difficult, but with the right measures in place, there’s no reason these events can’t take place. The ACHOO® Crystal Clear Table Divider Screens with their cross design segment up round tables into four quarters, allowing people to sit together for work or socialising while remaining socially distanced. These table screens are made from premium 6mm-thick acrylic glass and have a single aluminium upright with two base support options: round or flat frames.

£200 - £300

In a medical setting, having a social distancing screen that’s light and easy to manoeuvre is essential when doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff are experiencing a constant stream of patients. The PREMIUM Medical Perspex® Screen On Wheels is specially designed for this environment. Made from lightweight 3mm-thick transparent Plexiglass, it’s easy to move around or fix in place temporarily thanks to the lockable castor wheels. The clear, glazed screen enables light and visibility, making communication between staff and patients easier while still ensuring an effective PPE barrier.

Sometimes, a flat partition just doesn’t quite create the look you’re after, so why not choose a curved screen like this Curved Glazed Acrylic Office Screen? Made from 5mm-thick durable Italian Greencast acrylic, it is available in a choice of 3 colours: clear, frosted and polar white, making it suitable for all kinds of office decor. The curved design gives a modern, sophisticated finish with added style - plus, this linkable curved screen can also be joined to other curved panels to create an office ‘pod’. 

£300 - £500

Having a flexible social distancing solution can save you money in the long run. Choosing a mobile screen on wheels, like the GUARDIAN Clear Acrylic Mobile Office Screen, means you can move it around your workplace as you need it. The lightweight aluminium frame encloses a 4mm-thick clear acrylic panel and has a stabilising base with 4 lockable castor wheels that rotate 360 degrees. Each portable partition screen is 2m high, allowing full-height social distancing measures for those up to 6ft 6in tall. 

£500 - £1,000

The best social distancing measures you can buy for large desk banks is a set of modular desk screens which sync together perfectly for seamless protection. The ACHOO® Crystal Clear Modular Desk Screens 6 Bay Workstation Dividers (also available as 4-bay and 8-bay sets) are manufactured from 6mm-thick transparent Perspex®, with edges smoothly polished with a curved 5mm-radius corner. Slotting into the non-slip bases, no drilling or screwing into desks is required, making this set-up flexible to your needs – no tools necessary.

ACHOO Modular Perspex Desk Screens

£1,000 and up

Designed as an alternative to constructing permanent office or meeting room solutions, Glass Office Pods offer individual spaces which are easy to put up and offer excellent value for money, relative to a permanent space, which can be costly and time consuming to construct. Available in a variety of different sizes, with varying fabric/acoustic/glass panel configurations, these mini rooms can be personalised with your chosen finishing touches, such as power data banks and additional ventilation. They come with ceiling lighting as standard. 

For more information on any of our Perspex® or social distancing screen solutions, please reach out to our team via our Contact Us page or on 01234 676767.



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