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Essential Poster Frames For Offices

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Essential Poster Frames For Offices

Poster frames offer an effective way to showcase important information in an office environment. They are available in a range of varying styles and sizes suitable for different locations; everywhere from communal corridors to private workspaces, outdoor spaces to cafeterias. 

We've picked out three of our best selling and most effective poster display frames that are designed for everyday office use: 

1. Office Pinboards

Pinboards are always a popular choice for offices as they make it easy to update information, notices and displays quickly on a regular basis. Most commonly used to display timetables and schedules, company updates, community information, office events and success stories such as surpassed targets or employees of the month; framed poster pinboards are a common sight in offices. However, pinboard displays can be easily tampered with, and as a result important information can go astray. Framed lockable pinboards offer the same excellent display solution with a tamperproof design that protects your displays from being edited or removed by unauthorised users.

The MEMOLOX Pinnable Fabric Noticeboard is supplied with FREE Pins and Wall Hanging Kit. It is available in four sizes, all held in stock for immediate dispatch! 

2. Magnetic Noticeboards

While large pinboard poster displays are often chosen for communal noticeboards in offices, magnetic poster boards are a popular choice for individual desks or smaller group working ‘zones’ as they offer a flexible choice. Papers and notices can be easily changed keeping your displays in pristine condition. Choosing a product with a lockable frame means only those with keys can edit the internal displays. In a busy office environment, this offers more control over the notices/information in your poster frame. 

The MEMOLOX Magnetic Noticeboard is supplied with FREE Magents and Wall Hanging Kit. It is available in four sizes, all held in stock for immediate dispatch! 

3. Snap Frame

Snap frames are one of the most simple styles of poster display frames you can choose for an office environment. Their front-loading designs make switching displays a quick and easy process; each side of the frame ‘snaps’ open under tension due to spring-loaded hinges, opening to allow insertion of your poster or notice and ‘snapping’ shut to fix it in place securely. They are ideal for displaying posters, fire or safety notices, company information sheets, meeting room timetables or community event flyers. Snap frames are lightweight enough that even the largest sizes can be easily mounted on stud or artificial walls, making them perfect for offices.

Our 25mm Silver Snap Frames are held in stock for immediate dispatch! Choose from a range of sizes including A1, A2, A3 and A4. 

The kind of poster frame you choose for your office will depend on how you want to use it. Our experts have come up with a number of suggestions for how you can improve efficiency and create a sense of community in your office. Read on for 5 ways you can use poster frames in your office.

Communal Notices

One of the most important aspects of office life is creating a sense of community which draws office workers together in a welcoming, friendly and productive environment. This can be a challenge, particularly in office set-ups with individual cubicles, private offices or different work ‘zones’; or in companies where employee focuses are split into a wide range of tasks and skillsets. Using a poster frame to create a community hub noticeboard is a simple and efficient way to give staff common ground. For this purpose, we recommend choosing a poster frame with a pinboard back; this gives you the opportunity to pin up a wide range of notices and change them regularly as required. These notices might include details of community events such as fun runs, ride-to-work schemes, BBQs or picnics, after-work drinks or games nights, or inter-office challenges or charity sponsored events. This kind of poster frame set-up creates a place where employees can go to catch up on the latest updates, browse upcoming work social events and even join relevant work clubs where they can meet new people. 

MEMOLOX Magnetic Noticeboard

MEMOLOX Magnetic Noticeboard

MEMOLOX Fabric Lockable Noticeboard

MEMOLOX Fabric Lockable Noticeboard


We all know that getting a business to run smoothly means organisation is key. Scheduling large groups of workers may seem like a daunting challenge, but the judicious use of strategically placed poster cases can make your life much easier. Poster frames, such as snap frame designs, can be used almost anywhere in your office to house information or displays - but they are especially effective when used for scheduling purposes. For example; a poster frame outside a meeting room might display the booked slots for that day or week, so people know when the room is available and when it will be occupied, preventing clashes. Poster display frames with work calendars or timetables regularly dispersed around the office keeps employees on track with upcoming events and deadlines. You can also use poster display frames outside recreation rooms, canteens or cafeterias for meal timetables - this is particularly effective for very large businesses with on-site catering where lunch times must be staggered by department.


Keeping employees safe should always be a key focus of businesses. In offices, it’s essential to display important safety information in a clear, visible manner in a variety of locations around the site. Poster frames are the ideal way to highlight this information. For example, displaying fire evacuation details or emergency contacts can be dotted around key corridors or thoroughfares, ensuring that employees have regular access to this essential information. Another, more recent addition to office safety notices are Covid social distancing measures. Poster cases for offices can help to highlight any current restrictions or steps that each company would like their employees to take - for example, wearing of masks when moving around the building; one-way traffic in corridors; reminders to wash or sanitise hands; promoting vaccine programmes;  indicators of key symptoms to be on the lookout for, or even details of the nearest Covid testing centre or where lateral flow tests can be obtained.


You’ve made your employees feel welcome, organised and safe; now it’s time to raise them up and encourage them to be the best they can be. Poster display frames can play a key role in presenting a positive outlook for employees, offering support and encouragement, backing them to reach their goals and offering inspiration. They can be used in very simple ways, for example, promoting an Employee of the Month photograph with details of how this person achieved the honour. This can inspire and motivate other workers to achieve the same accolade in the future. Alternatively, on a more corporate level, they can be used to create large displays showcasing company targets and achievements, perhaps tracking the success of different teams across the business to create a sense of healthy competition and boost productivity as a result. Showcasing key successes and demonstrating how as a team the business is improving year on year can also be an incredibly positive step to creating a productive and motivated workforce. You can also use poster frames to highlight motivational quotes in and around the workplace. 


It might seem obvious, but you can also use office poster cases for decorative purposes! Offices with bare walls can come across as bleak and clinical; if you want to keep your employees happy and make their office an inviting place to work, then investing in some decoration is in order. You can use poster cases to add a polished finishing touch to almost any kind of wall art; from cool and contemporary posters to traditional artwork or even motivational quotes. Play with frame colours and finishes to create a unique look - or stick to the classics for a refined and polished style.

For more information on our range of Poster Frames, you can call our team on 01234 676767 or get in touch via our Contact Us page. 



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