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Protective Office Screens: Office Life After Lockdown

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Protective Office Screens: Office Life After Lockdown

It’s been well over a year since the first news of the Coronavirus pandemic began reaching us here in the UK, and over the past months we’ve adapted to life living with lockdown rules and social distancing measures. Thankfully, with the incredible work of researchers, scientists, volunteers and NHS staff, the majority of UK adults have now had at least one dose of the vaccine, bringing the risks associated with catching COVID-19 down far enough that the government has begun moving the country out of lockdown measures and back towards ‘normality’. So what do these new freedoms mean for the changes we’ve made to our workplaces during the height of the pandemic?

The answer is (or at least, should be) very little. The most stringent of measures, for example one-way systems or limiting numbers of employees in break rooms and canteens, are most likely to be relaxed; but the truth is that there are still very good reasons to keep sanitising stations and social distancing screens in place for the foreseeable future.

1. Why are protective office screens important?

Scientists and doctors around the world have been very clear on one point: this virus is something we are going to have to learn to live with, not unlike seasonal flu or norovirus.  The virus will, each season, mutate enough that new strains will form, just like winter flu, and scientists will try to predict these mutations to create updated vaccinations. However, as with flu, colds, stomach bugs and other contagious illnesses, we will continue to see cases circulating in our workplaces, particularly during colder months.

Office screens are one of the best ways to prevent Covid - or any other contagious illness - from spreading like wildfire through our office communities. Most contagious illnesses are spread through Contact or Droplet Transmission. This refers to respiratory droplets which are expelled when an infectious person breathes, sneezes, coughs, talks or shouts. These droplets cannot remain in the air for a long time or travel across long distances; which is why using divider screens offers an additional layer of protection. Social distancing partitions form a barrier between people, preventing respiratory droplets expelled by one person from infecting the other.

2. What are protective office screens?

Our specially designed social distancing screens are a flexible and affordable way of protecting your workforce. Made from Perspex® acrylic or thermally toughened safety glass, these social distancing panels are available in a wide range of styles including freestanding screens, desk mounted partitions, frameless dividers, countertop desk guards, office pods, mobile dividing screens on wheels and many more. Acrylic and glass are materials that are easy to clean and sanitise, meaning your new office partitions can be quickly wiped down to remove all traces of infectious particles.

3. Types of protective office screens

Social distancing screens can be broken down into four main categories: freestanding partitions, mobile screens, desk dividers and counter screens. Within each of these categories, you will find screens in different materials, including acrylic plastic and glass, and screens suitable for different environments such as offices, schools, hospitality, retail, medical facilities and beauty salons. Our large collection of protective screens includes innovative designs which have been created from concept to manufacture by our team of experts to facilitate safe working during the pandemic.

  • Freestanding Partitions - Whether on a desk or on the floor, these screens and dividers stand up by themselves. Although they can be linked to others to cover larger areas, they are sturdy and stable enough to stand unassisted. They are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes and are the most common type of social distancing screen.
  • Mobile Screens - Office screens on wheels have metal frames finished with lockable castor wheels. This makes it easy to move them around your workplace and lock them in place temporarily wherever you need them most, for a truly flexible social distancing solution.
  • Desk Dividers - Designed for use on banks of desks in offices, schools, training centres, colleges or any locations where workspaces need segmenting, desk dividers can be fixed (screwed into desktops) or freestanding, and are available in both acrylic and glass finishes. We find these are among the most popular of our social distancing screens purchased for office use.
  • Counter Screens - Retail and hospitality counters, as well as office receptions, will benefit from a design of protective screen created specifically for transactional purposes. Often finished with cut-out hatches for effective communication and transfer of money, goods or paperwork, you will see these screens most commonly in shops, post offices, bars, pubs and salons.

ACHOO Modular Desk Partitions

ACHOO Modular Desk Partitions

ACHOO Modular Desk Partitions

ACHOO Modular Desk Partitions

It’s clear that, although we are making progress in the battle against COVID-19, we have not yet won the war. With mutations such as the Delta variant popping up all the time, we must be prepared to retain some social distancing measures to help protect our workforces up and down the country. After all, although the UK is leading the charge when it comes to population vaccination, dangerous mutations can pop up anywhere in the world and make their way to the UK through travel. We need to remain vigilant and furnish our workplaces with the right tools to keep employees safe, healthy and protected; whatever the virus has to throw at us next. Protective office screens are an easy, effective and affordable way to protect your workforce.

For more information about any of our social distancing screens, you can get in touch with our team via our Contact Us page or speak to us by calling 01234 676767.



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