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How Much Does It Cost To Partition An Office?

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How Much Does It Cost To Partition An Office?

From setting up private or semi-private workspaces in open-plan offices to soundproofing noisy working environments; from ensuring social distancing measures are in place to prevent the spread of sickness through your workforce to installing vaccination booths in medical centres - screens are a key tool across a wide range of industries and they serve a variety of different purposes.

Whatever your budget, we have the right partition for you; manufactured in the UK and used by satisfied customers across the country. Read on for our guide to how much you can expect to pay for different kinds of office screens, and how you can use them in your workplace.

- Perspex® Social Distancing Screens: Prices start from £28.50 

We’ve all had to make changes to the way we live and work over the past year as we deal with the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the world. New recommendations for installing social distancing measures in offices and workplaces have meant we are seeing more and more different kinds of Perspex® acrylic and glass partitions and dividers keeping employees and customers safe in all situations where people come together to work or shop.

We were one of the first companies in the UK to recognise the potential benefits of social distancing screens, and we began manufacturing our core range at our UK-based facility early on in the pandemic. Our collection of social distancing partitions has now grown to include a wide variety of screens in different shapes and sizes, for different work environments, public interface sites, hospitality venues and medical facilities. These can be finished with aluminium frames or frameless with smooth edges; mobile on lockable castor wheel bases or fixed in place; freestanding or hanging. When installed correctly, they help employees to maintain a safe social distance and assist in slowing the spread of the disease in workplaces. 

- Desk Dividers And Screens For Desks: Prices start from £48

Desk Dividers

Large desk banks are extremely efficient in terms of space-saving when you need to seat multiple employees in one space. However, they can be distracting and noisy places to work. Investing in a series of desk divider screens is a great way to break up these large workspaces into smaller, individual mini ‘cubicles’ giving each employee a bit of personal space and a more productive environment in which to work.

Our standard fabric desk dividers are practical and affordable. They are made from internal chipboard panels covered on both sides with a loop nylon fabric and come in a range of suitable colours. They can be used with Velcro tabs (or pins if you choose a pinnable option) to display work materials or personal items for a more relaxed work environment. 

If you work in a busy, noisy office such as a call centre or training room, acoustic desk dividers can be extremely helpful in reducing noise pollution by absorbing sound, thereby creating a more peaceful and productive environment. Our acoustic office screens are made with a thicker internal construction and covered with a pinnable acoustic layer and finished with foam-backed fabric.

The arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic has meant installing social distancing screens in offices nationwide is an essential way to control the spread of the virus in workplaces up and down the country. Our Perspex® acrylic and glass desk dividers have been designed to stop the spread of illnesses (such as Coronavirus, Norovirus or seasonal flu) between employees. However, these transparent materials also maintain effective communication between employees and allow plenty of light to bounce through the office, for a bright workplace. Most importantly, these materials are easy to keep clean and sanitised; regular cleaning with an antibacterial or diluted bleach solution will remove all traces of the virus.

With the exception of our freestanding counter screens, all of our desk divider partitions are sold with a pair of desk clamps included. These are designed to fit standard size desks – if you require clamps with alternative dimensions, please speak to our team who will be happy to assist.

- Free Standing Office Partitions: Prices start from £88

If what you need is are simple and cost-effective office partitions to divide an open-plan office, then a standard freestanding fabric screen is an easy solution. These useful dividers are made with a sturdy chipboard core that’s covered on both sides in commercial-grade fabric, resulting in a lightweight office screen. These partitions can also be used for display purposes, and are compatible with Velcro tabs, pins and staples, making them extremely versatile. 

Larger spaces may benefit from a series of linked fabric screens. Each of our freestanding partitions is sold with a linking strip so you can connect it to another from the same range. Alternatively, our concertina screens, made with lightweight fabric panels joined together by hinged PVC frames and finished with lockable castor wheels, can be used to divide up rooms and are easily rolled out or folded away as required.

Several of our freestanding fabric partitions are also available with Next-Day Dispatch – please see our range of Speedy Office Screens for more information.

Office Partitions

- Acoustic Screens: Prices from £62

Preserving peace and quiet in a busy working environment can be difficult, particularly in industries that require large scale call centres or sales departments. The majority of distractions derive from noise, so by investing in acoustic office screens, you can reduce noise and increase productivity within your team.  

Acoustic office screens are ideal for helping your staff to keep their concentration; the clever design of the partition panels, with a thicker internal core covered by an acoustic layer and foam-backed luxury fabric, means that these panels absorb noise to create a more peaceful and productive working environment. Our Premium acoustic screens have been specially designed with a recess void in between the internal panels for a sound cushioning effect, perfect for the noisiest of environments. Our collection of acoustic office partitions includes screens in a wide range of shapes and sizes; from desk divider partitions to curved or straight freestanding floor dividers.

- Meeting Pods: Prices from £799

A particularly effective way to divide up large open-plan office spaces is to invest in a series of free standing office pods. These ‘mini-offices’ can create private working spaces, meeting rooms, break environments or telephone pods for more bespoke workspaces.

Our Meeting Pods kits comprise a number of curved or straight partitions. Our curved kits can be used to construct s-shaped walls (a room divider with two in-built semi-circular meeting spaces) or meeting pods (curved booths that have room for a table and up to 5 chairs, depending on the size of the kit purchased). We also have bespoke pod kits available with your own personalised branding - get in touch with our Graphic Design Team today via our Contact Us page to begin creating your artwork.

For a truly luxury finish, our Glass & Fabric Partition Meeting Boots create self-contained meeting rooms or offices without the need for permanent renovations. These can be constructed in around 4 hours by our team of experts and can be taken down and moved with you if you relocate premises. These high-quality meeting pods are composed of a kit including a number of glass panels, fabric or acoustic panels, a ceiling kit (including lighting) and a sliding glass door. Accessories including power & data banks, as well as ventilation, can be added later.

- Vaccination Screens / Booths: Prices from £179

As the UK’s vaccination programme begins to roll out across the country, more and more vaccination sites must be set up. Many of these will be in pre-existing medical facilities, but larger-scale sites are being trialled in community centres and sports venues, for example. In these situations, making the process swift and streamlined while preserving proper social distancing measures is key. With that in mind, we’ve designed a range of medical vaccination screens and pods to help the NHS vaccinate as many people as quickly, and safely, as possible.

Our vaccination pods are created from a series of opaque privacy panels framed in aluminium, with the addition of a clear perspex screen with a cut-out vaccination hatch through which the injection can be administered. These offer privacy to the patient while protecting the medical personnel. The great thing about these booths is that they are scalable; they can be adapted for both small and large vaccination centres. In addition, we have a range of individual medical screens made from transparent Perspex® or opaque panels to assist in dividing up wards or ICU environments to fit more critical care patients.

Whatever your requirements, we hope that you’ll find what you’re looking for within our wide range of budget office partitions. However, if your perfect screen solution isn’t shown, our manufacturing capabilities mean we can design and make bespoke office partition solutions just for you.

For more information on personalised divider panels or any other questions about our product ranges, please get in touch via our Contact Us page, or call our team on 01234 676767.


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