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Do I Need Perspex Screens In My Office

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Do I Need Perspex Screens In My Office

Even once the vaccine rollout is ‘complete’, experts have insisted that COVID-19 will remain with us indefinitely; with a seasonal vaccination programme (similar to the one we already have for the flu) likely going forwards. In addition, there will be a percentage of the population who cannot have, or do not want, the vaccine; meaning the virus cannot be entirely eradicated.

To help prevent an increase in cases (giving the vaccine a chance to mutate), many social distancing measures will remain in place for some time; likely including the need to wear face coverings in indoor public spaces, and the implementation of social distancing screens in high traffic areas such as offices, shops, beauty salons, restaurants and other hospitality venues, as well as some in schools and colleges. 

Social distancing screens and partitions help to keep people safely socially distanced and reduce the chances of virus transmission from person to person by blocking infectious respiratory droplets - as long as they are cleaned and sanitised regularly to remove all traces of infectious particles.

Do Offices Need to Have Perspex® Screens? 

Desk Dividers

While it might be tempting to flock back to open-plan offices and large desk banks to catch up with colleagues you haven’t seen in months, in reality, maintaining a ‘cubicle’ style set of desks is going to offer significantly more protection from Coronavirus - and other infectious illnesses such as seasonal flu and norovirus (neither of which anyone wants to catch!). 

Maintaining a series of Perspex desk divider screens on large desk banks maintains the open, sociable feel that so many people will have been missing while working from home, while also helping to keep people safe. Remember to wipe them down regularly with a bleach solution or use an antibacterial wipe to remove all traces of infectious particles.

Room Dividers

Freestanding Perspex® screens have plenty of different uses in an office environment; from dividing up large, open-plan areas into smaller working ‘zones’ to accommodate individual teams reduces the likelihood of the virus (or any illness) being widely spread around your workforce. These kinds of office dividers still give the light, airy feel of an open-plan office while allowing you to create smaller office environments or meeting rooms. Opting for a mobile screen with lockable castor wheels also means you can move it around easily depending on your changing requirements and even place several screens next to each other for wider coverage.

Reception Desks

Areas around reception desks are often high traffic areas. To protect your reception staff and visitors, investing in a high-quality reception desk social distancing screen is a must. We sell a wide range of reception and countertop screens to suit all requirements. Whether you’re looking for something made of Perspex® acrylic or tempered glass, a straight screen or a curved panel, a permanent, screwed-in divider or a temporary stand, you’ll find the best option for your business in our collection of reception desk screens.

Do Shops Need to Have Perspex® Screens?

Perspex Screens For Shops


Supermarkets have been, and likely will continue to be, one of the main areas where Coronavirus is spread; and therefore it’s likely that social distancing measures will still be required for some time. Many of the initial solutions put in place by supermarkets and other retail outlets back when social distancing was assumed to be a ‘temporary’ state are low-quality and flimsy. Investing in quality products not only gives your store a better finish, but is more likely to protect your staff and customers. 

Dividing up channels or queue paths using freestanding Perspex® screens keep queueing customers separate and safe. These acrylic screens are easy to keep sanitised; simply wipe them down regularly with a bleach solution or antibacterial wipe.


Tills and counters in retail outlets are the place where staff are most likely to come into close contact with the public, so installing proper social distancing measures here is important. Creating an adequate barrier requires specialised screens with cut out hatches designed to allow safe, COVID-secure transactions. Cheaper versions of countertop screens constantly fall or fold, but our quality products are designed to offer stable protection whatever the circumstances; whether you choose a fold-out screen, fixed divider or roller panel.

Do Hairdressers & Beauty Salons Need to Have Perspex® Screens?

Styling Stations

Due to the nature of hair salons, dividing up space into ‘cubicles’ isn’t always practical or possible. There is a range of options available to help in these circumstances; we recommend investing in a mobile screen on wheels for a solution that you can easily move around to where you need it most. Alternatively, a roller screen can be put up and rolled down as and when you need it, maintaining the open feel of a salon when no clients are present in that area. They are easily positioned between styling stations and between washbasins to protect both employees and clients. 


Manicures mean close contact between nail technicians and their clients, so these treatments are only possible with proper protection in place. Investing in a transparent divider specifically designed for nail salons is the best choice when it comes to kitting out your salon with social distancing screens. The Nail Salon Screen Perspex® Divider for Manicures allows easy communication while helping prevent the transmission of virus droplets from person-to-person. The wide cut-out hatch at the base gives plenty of room for even the most complicated of manicures.

Do Pubs & Restaurants Need to Have Perspex® Screens?

Hanging Perspex Screens


It is possible to maintain the friendly feel of your bar and protect your staff and customers. Choosing a series of hanging Perspex® partitions keep the busy floor areas of your bar clear for people to stand and enjoy themselves while maintaining social distancing measures. Easy to install, these lightweight panels form a flexible Coronavirus barrier.


Keeping punters or diners safe while they enjoy your establishment isn’t as difficult as it seems, you just need the right equipment. We offer several social distancing screens for hospitality solutions, from bar table screens to floor screens to divide up dining tables. Our bar and table screens can be mounted easily onto bars or tabletops (17-33mm thick – for other options get in touch with us) using the clamps provided.

For more information on all our social distancing screens or to discuss which options will work best for you, visit our Contact Us page or speak to one of our experts on 01234 676767.



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