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Space Saving Folding Whiteboards With Wings
  • Space Saving Folding White Boards Are Ideal For Locations With Limited Wall Space

Space Saving Folding Whiteboards

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  • £100.00 EX VAT
  • £120.00 INC VAT

Space Saving Folding Whiteboards With 3 Panels. Dry Wipe, Non-Magnetic Surface in Multiple Sizes. Ideal For Rooms With Limited Wall Space.

Folding Writing Boards With Wings

These non-magnetic drywipe white boards have been designed for use in schools, training facilities, colleges, meeting rooms and universities - or anywhere with limited space where you need to get the maximum display area from a single fitting. 

Each of the white board panels has a satin silver anodised aluminium frame. They are designed to fold out to offer additional writing space, then can be folded away neatly at the end of the class, session or day. The smaller sizes have a single fold out wing board (which is the same size as the main board) while the larger options have two fold out wing boards (one on either side).

Sizes Available:

600mm (w) x 900mm (h) - single wing foldout whiteboard 600mm (w) x 900mm (h)

900mm (w) x 1200mm (h) - single wing foldout whiteboard 900mm (w) x 1200mm (h)

1200mm (w) x 1200mm (h) - single wing foldout whiteboard 1200mm (w) x 1200mm (h)

1800mm (w) x 1200mm (h) - twin wing foldout whiteboards (each wing size: 900mm x 1200mm)

2400m (w) x 1200mm (h) - twin wing foldout whiteboards (each wing size: 1200mm x 1200mm)

These white board panels should be used with drywipe markers. To keep your white board clean, we recommend cleaning the dry-erase surface regularly (ideally after every use).

A whiteboard cleaning spray is helpful to remove the initial marks, then follow this with a whiteboard conditioner which treats the surface and restores it back to a glossy white finish.

Our whiteboard accessory pack includes a cleaning and conditioning solution that will maintain a ghost-free whiteboard, as well as an eraser and 4 dry wipe markers.

Why BuySpace Saving Folding Whiteboards? 
  • Wall mounted space saving whiteboard 
  • Ideal for smaller spaces and rooms 
  • Non-magnetic drywipe whiteboard
  • Single or twin fold out wing boards (depending on size)
  • Folding panels for additional writing space 
  • Satin silver anodised aluminium frame
  • Rounded safety corners and concealed corner fixings.
  • Faint 25mm grid on the outside on wing boards when closed
  • Compatible with dry wipe marker pens 
  • Whiteboard accessory pack available
  • Made in the UK

For more information, please get in touch with our team via our Contact Us page or call on 01234 676767.

  • Whiteboard With Folding Wings
  • Non-Magnetic Dry Wipe Writing Surface
  • Ideal For Smaller Spaces With Limited Space
  • Single or Twin Folding Wings (Depending on Size)
  • Faint 25mm Grid on Reverse of Folding Wings
  • For Use With Dry Wipe Marker Pens
  • Provides Twice The Amount of Writing Surface
  • Multiple Sizes Available
  • Space Saving Folding Whiteboards Technical Specification
    Size 600mm x 900mm 900mm x 1200mm 1200mm x 1200mm 1800mm x 1200mm 2400mm x 1200mm
    Height 900mm 1200mm 1200mm 1200mm 1200mm
    Width 600mm 90mm 1200mm 1800mm 2400mm
    Depth 20mm 20mm 20mm 20mm 20mm
    Number of Wings 1 1 1 2 2
    Size of Wings 600mm x 900mm 900mm x 1200mm 1200mm x 1200mm 900mm x 1200mm 1200mm x 1200mm
    Type Space Saving Whiteboards
    Double Sided No
    Board Type Dry Wipe Writing Board
    Writing Surface Plain White With 25mm Faint Grid on Reverse on Wing (When Closed)
    Magnetic Non-Magnetic
    Installation Wall Fixings Included
    Indoor / Outdoor Indoor Use
    Style of Display Wall Mounted
    Pen Ledge No
    Material Aluminium Frame, Dry Wipe Writing Surface
    Category White Boards

    Dispatched within 10 working day(s) subject to stock availability. If you have any questions or need your order sooner please give our team a call on 01234 676767

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