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Office Screen Sizes

Office Partitions offer a practical and cost-effective solution for segmenting individual workspaces and introducing privacy in shared office environments. Available in a range of sizes and styles, you can utilise their modular design to configure partitioning walls that are designed around your office furniture.

With so many sizes available, how do you know which size is right for your space? This handy size guide will help you choose the right office screen for your work environment.

Desk Screens

Our most popular standard desktop screen heights are 380mm and 480mm, each serving distinct purposes. Desk dividers are great because they do not encroach on office floor space. They provide all the benefits such as privacy, noise reduction, and create a tidier workstation, but without taking up valuable floor space. The choice of screen height does have an impact on employees and their ability to work and engage, so it's important to pick the right height desk screen. If purchasing an Acoustic Desk Screen, the height will also have an impact on its performance, particularly in terms of sound absorption and voice projection.

Desk Screens Dimensions
Desk Screens

380mm High

Our 380mm high desk screens offer a low-cost dividing solution with a perfect blend of privacy without interrupting collaborative working. This lower height desk partition hides untidy cables and provides a physical barrier between desks so that employees cannot encroach on neighbouring workstations. It allows clear visibility across the office with peers still able to communicate and work together.

At this height, acoustic desk screens will absorb some general office noise, but direct communication across workstations may not achieve your desired level of noise reduction.

480mm High

Our 480mm high desk screens are our most popular height, as they create more of an individual work zone. The additional height provides more coverage and, in most cases, will cover the computer monitor as well as untidy cables and desktop filing units. The benefits of 480mm high desk dividers include increased concentration, reduced noise, and distractions, resulting in efficient working. The downside is it reduces visibility across an office floor and makes it harder for collaborative working to take place.

Acoustic desk screens at 480mm are far more effective at reducing noise from the office and neighbouring peers. They are high enough to have a direct impact on voice projection, making them ideal for bustling offices and call centres.

Free Standing Office Partitions

Similar to desktop office screens, selecting the right height for Free Standing Office Screens is just as important. The intended purpose of the screen will have a significant impact on what size you need.

If used as a modesty panel in conjunction with office desks, then a lower height will be best suited. Most desktops are approximately 730mm high, so if your floor-standing screen is to act like a desktop screen, then the 1200mm high office partition will work well. It gives you an overall height of 1200mm, which is the same as using a 480mm high desk partition. It does give you the added benefit of providing under-desk coverage.

If used as a cubicle screen, then a 1400mm high office screen is great. It provides enough coverage to create separate working spaces and mini department zones but will allow visibility across the office departments.

If used to define breakout areas or separate waiting areas, a 1600mm or 1800mm high office divider is ideal. Providing maximum coverage and acoustic properties, they stop visibility and act as a physical barrier between areas. The large surface is practical and effective when trying to reduce office noise.

For office meeting pods, we would suggest using partitions no taller than 1600mm high. Depending on the size and layout of the meeting pod, taller partitioning can seem very overpowering, making the space feel very uninviting and closed in. Utilising part-glazed office screens with vision panels works well for meeting pods.

Free Standing Office Partitions Dimensions
Free Standing Office Partitions

If you need help choosing the right office screen, please contact us or call our team on 01234 676767.

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